willys wagon

  1. greatn123

    Looking for 1” sector shaft & Pitman arm

    Hey y’all...i’m sure this is a long shot but here goes nothin! i’m desperately in need of a 1 inch sector shaft and pitman arm for my 1960 SW. i’m in the middle of rebuilding the ross box and wasn’t able to use the original parts as they were far beyond usable. i ordered a new sector shaft and...
  2. Suggestions for Chevy motor with NV3550 into a 1955 Wagon???

    Hi there, I just picked up a 1955 Wagon. It has a V8 in it (not sure what it is) but I want to put a Chevy SB in it with a NV3550 in it. I have a Bronco that I used the NV3550 and love it. Just not sure about what transfer case to use or if anyone has experience putting a NV3550 in one. Let the...
  3. Hello All

    Brand new owner of a 1951 Willys wagon that needs EVERYTHING! I am going to try to get it running and fix it up. This is one of my dreams come true ( or maybe a nightmare) :)
  4. Has anyone put a 57 Willys Wagon on a Grand Cherokee frame?

    I know the options for modifying the wagon are unlimited, and keeping it stock is always an option. But I have a 2000 GC and am about to get a 1999 GC, both with 4.0 six and in good working order. I see wheel base, wheel widths compare well. GC 105.9 long WW 104.5 long GC front axle...
  5. Teenage owned '64 Utility Wagon in England!

    Hello all! I've been a member here for just about a week now after buying my Willys Wagon in what must be described as the most rushed, heart pounding, anxiety riddled and not so thought through (as if it even needed thought) purchase of my life! Being born and raised in England you may not...
  6. 1955 Willys Wagon in Colorado - Timely Help Needed or Destined for Craigslist

    The 1955 Willys Wagon I own was rescued in Western Colorado two years ago. The owner was a coworker of my dad's and about to take it to the scrap yard. My dad didn't like this idea, so I went with my dad and took pictures while they loaded it up to become his project. On the way home, my dad...
  7. PaulK

    Want to salvage an old Willys wagon.

    Hi all I've wanted a Willys for years and I found one at an abandon mine. This place has been out of businesses for who knows how long, hidden away in the mountains. I was out wheeling and got to walking around the aria and there it was, laying on it's side, an old Willys wagon. Naturally I...
  8. Garth

    The Joburg Traveler

    I think my evaluation of the Willys Traveller is complete. I've had some time off so I spent that time going through the history of Willys and all the characters involved. I have to say that is a great story within itself and I literally spent three days just investigating what these guys were...
  9. New - Old Guy

    Hi, been awhile since I've been on, just re-registered. Hoping to have the time to really read all the posts and document my progress as I go with my (3) Willy's; 1951 Wagon, 1952 Wagon, 1949 CJ 2A, and 1978 DJ5 LH Drive Thanks for the opportunity to join. 52WillysGeezer :)
  10. Rear bumper extensions

    I am looking for a good set of rear bumper extensions. Please message me if you a pair for sale. Thx.
  11. Newbie to OWF - Looking for a Kingpin bushing reamer for Willys Wagon (61)

    Hey guys, Im hoping on finding some info on where to locate/purchase a kingpin bushing reamer for my 1961 Willys Wagon. Im putting on new suspension and need a kingpin bushing reamer but cant locate one after searching. So I thought I give this forum a try for some help. Any info is appreciated...