1. New to forum, recently inherited a very special 1947 T2 and need guidance.

    Hey all, Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I recently became the guardian of a 1947 T2 truck that belonged to my father inlaw, he bought it new in early 1947 in Jackson Minn. It has been going through a full frame-off, nut and bolt restoration over the last 10 years and is pretty close...
  2. Original Willys Pickup Bed Canopy Cover - Sonoma County

    I have an original Willys canopy cover for a pickup. This bundle includes all the aluminum frame and the canvas tarp. I can’t tell if one of the frames are bent or not, but either way it would be an easy fix. The canvas pictured was used for the cover as you can tell from the split but isn’t...
  3. bloodymary666

    Need help with unknown model

    Hello everyone, I recently inherited a Willys pickup and have been looking for information on this car. I haven't really found anything looking like it and wanted to know if anyone here knows more about this car. I was told it was built during the 1960s but was wondering whether this is...
  4. KYJoe

    Hoof Governor explanation

    Can anyone provide a good explanation of the Hoof Governor on my 1948 truck? What does it do? Do I need it? Does it restrict power? Here are the details I read on it today: Hoof Governor NO 647102 RANGE 3700 MODEL S10-12 Product of Chicago Thanks, Joe
  5. KYJoe

    Speedometer gauge needle 48 Pickup Truck

    Would be great to have an original needle for my speedometer; would settle for a reproduction if you all know a source, let me know.
  6. lairdlow

    WTB Willys 6 Cyl 4WD Truck Frame

    Looking for a solid Willys 6 cylinder truck frame, ideally in the New England area though I might consider having it shipped if it's really nice. Need a solid one (I already have a couple rough ones that need a lot of repair). Don't mind if a gusset needs replacing, but not interested if the...
  7. Help with building a willy's pickup

    \Questions are at the bottom/ I am a beginner when it comes to automotive builds. However, I am learning quickly and trying to piece together a future build I have planned for Feb 2018. I have chosen a willy's pickup to do a complete overhaul with. The year of the truck is yet to be determined...
  8. Just bought my first Willys Pickup last week.

    I picked up a 1953 Willys Pickup last week. The last owner put a 350 from a 71 Corvette in it and a turbo 400 transmission. He told me he had It all gone through and professionally set up. It needs a new gas tank, which I found for $200. The passenger side floor board is rusted out, but other...
  9. Jackalope

    Various 6-226 Parts For Sale

    When I bought my 1958 pickup, it came with a load of extra parts. After I rebuilt the engine, I no longer need the extra parts. If anyone is looking for used parts to a 6-226 engine (our even some other Willys parts), let me know and I'll see what I have. I'm located in Osage, WY. PM me about...
  10. 1953 pickup truck - T90/D18 rebuild options

    Hi everyone, So i finally got my pickup truck repaired done by an expert in PA. It was all fixed up to be road worthy. All was well until a few days ago I was driving down the road that was a bit rough and started to hear a strange sounds like grinding that came from underneath for a few...
  11. Willys Title

    Looking for a Willys pickup title, but any Willys title will do.
  12. Truck Bed

    Hey All. Trying to figure out another option for the truck bed. Does anyone have experience with a 1940s Chevy pickup box in lieu of the Willys? From what I have seen the Chevy kits are much cheaper than the Willys and I believe the dimensions are very close. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  13. Help With Serial Number

    I was hoping that someone could point me in the direction of how to read the serial number in the picture. It came from the pickup also pictured. Thanks in advance.
  14. Carb Air horn cleaner - 1950 willys pickup truck

    Looking for a air horn cleaner for a 1950 willys pickup truck 4WD Maqsood
  15. cparisf

    Willy's rookie needs help

    I purchased a 61 truck recently and need some help. I'm trying to get the old vacuum wipers working, but can't figure out what the vacuum line from the motor connects too?? Any pictures or answers is greatly appreciated!
  16. "New" 61 Pickup in Putnam NY

    Hi, My name is Rob, I am a special ed teacher and always wanted a cool classic car and always needed a pickup... So I got a 61 Pickup. The body is in pieces, but I am looking forward to rebuilding it and coming here for advice! Also, I am in Putnam County, NY, if anyone knows of a place...
  17. Mr. 360

    Building a Reproduction Bed on a Budget

    Quick back story, I bought a Willys pickup a couple years ago, and have been slowly plodding along working on it. My plan, given my limited space, is to tackle the truck in 3 sections; back half, cab, front clip. Each 'section' includes the body work, and frame, etc etc. Like most Canadian...
  18. wiring harness 1949 pickup

    Anybody have any great pictures to guide the placement of a new wiring harness? I especially need help on where it runs though the firewall and down the frame. We bought the 1949 pickup completely apart.
  19. 1949 pickup fuel line placement

    Does anyone have pictures of how the fuel line runs along the inside and outside of the frame? Also does anyone have any pictures of the brake junction in the right front frame area? Thanks
  20. Wanted Front Hand Brake Cable for 1960 Jeep 6cyl PickUp

    Need Hand Brake Cable for 1960 6 cyl PickUp - Cable purchased from Kaiser-Willy is too long. Been told I will have to create a whole new cable system for the pickup from a couple vendors. Anyone have a cable solution ? or one for sale ? Hand Brake Handle is under dasy T type.