1. c-dale-willys

    '62 wagon idle issues

    Hello, I'm new to this site and hope someone can help me. My issue: My Willys runs great but when I come to a stop the idle drops and the engine dies. It seems like it runs out of gas. When I start it, I'll give it gas, it'll run for a few seconds, then abruptly stop. My vehicle: I have a '62...
  2. Gotta Choke to Run ... Post FY Carter Rebuild Question ... 1962 Wagon 226

    Post FY Carter Rebuild Question ... 1962 Wagon 226 Just rebuilt myCarter YF with Kaiser Kit + got everything new from the filter back to the tank ... NOTE: We adjusted the float, per my manual at least 3/16" down, so it's in spec ... but something is wrong ... Cranked right up, but won't...
  3. L-head carburetor

    Looking for a carburetor for my L-head 134. Original was Carter WO model. Solex makes a replacement. Will consider an old one that needs be rebuilt if the price is right. Would prefer one that will bolt up and run. E-mail me at