Kjetil`s 1954 Pickup...ongoing 4.0HO conversion

54 pickup

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Jan 20, 2010
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I bought my Willys this winter (2010). Plans are getting the engine to run good then a light restoration for now.
Not many of these in Norway, and very very few with an original bed as nearly all was delivered as fire trucks, tow trucks or carriers for the military.

Old pic from previous owner

The bed is a home made in aluminium, pretty close to original but the rear fenders dont look good, and the rails are not right

In my garage, tight fit:)
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The original Carter carb was shot, the fuel was pouring into the engine. The result was alot of black smoke, a strong petrol smell from the exhaust and a car that would not drive.

Intead of rebuilding the old carter I bought a new 2 barrel 350cfm Holley carb and an adapter.

Some modification on the adapter and the bolts was needed

The throttle rod in place, only mod needed was a bit of bending on the rod to clear the distributor.
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Looks like a pretty good starting point. Has it already gone through a resto by previous owner? Good luck with the project and welcome to the forum.
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It was restoratet back in 1995 I was told.

The original color seem to be greenish? Anybody know the paint code for this color?
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Go to.... http://www.autocolorlibrary.com it will give you the color code and number. My color plate is on the firewall, near the heater...Nice looking pick up and welcome to the forum.
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Clean looking truck. Doesn't look like you have as much work as the rest of us do.....

Welcome to the board.
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only nut that put a Holley 2300 on the flathead I6. How does yours run? Did you change the run jets at all? Mine is a 500cfm model running 70# jets. I've got mine tuned really well, but it does idle a bit higher than the Carter YF (idles at about 800RPM). It also really makes that old I6 roar. I'm going to have to drive it a bit once I get there and see how I'm going to like it. I may back off and go with a smaller 2bbl if I think it's necessary.
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Very sweet.... :thumbup:
Welcome aboard, looking forward to hearing more :cheers:
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silicond17 said:
...How does yours run? Did you change the run jets at all? Mine is a 500cfm model running 70# jets. I've got mine tuned really well, but it does idle a bit higher than the Carter YF (idles at about 800RPM). It also really makes that old I6 roar.
Are you the same "nut" with videos at youtube? cos`thats where I got the idea to mount a Holley 2300. My holley has the aprox the same cfm rating as the engine, so im hoping its running good right out of the box. I`m waiting for some fuel fittings, so its not tested at all. Hoping to start it this week.
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Yes, that would be me. I think crazy things and like to modify things that generally are never modified and be unique. But I'm glad I was able to inspire someone. I'll have to get you to run multiple spark ignition now haha. I wanted to go with a smaller 350cfm Holley 2300 but had a 500cfm marine model sitting around in my collection that was begging to be used. You shouldn't have to change your jets, but the tuning process on the Holley 2300 is pretty darn simple. I also had to adjust my accelerator pump quite a bit, but after I went back to the factory jets I was able to back off on that.

I like your adapter a lot more than mine because it's a little shorter. I've got quite the tower on top of my intake manifold, and that's part of the reason I had to go back to the large jets. There just wasn't enough vacuum up there to pull the gas out of the smaller jets, but now it's fine. I got another progressive 2bbl Weber recently so I may experiment with that as well, but I think I'm going to stay with the Holley 2300 just because it's such a simple and reliable carburetor to work with.

Let me know how it goes or if you need any suggestions or anything. Mine's a little difficult to crank but I'm still dialing it in and don't have the electric choke 100% correct yet.
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...hmm multispark ;) , I have bought av Pertronix ignition will try that first.

I`ll be sure to ask you if I encounter any problems tuning the Holley.
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The Holley is ready, pertronix is done but it still doesn run? The plugs and leads are also new... Any ideas folks?

I tried to set the timing different and it fired and then died again. After a few tries it flooded. When I took the plugs out syl 1 and 2 was dry and the other ones was sooked in fuel.
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Do you have an in-line spark plug checker or anything? It sounds like there's something up with the ignition.

What kind of Pertronix ignition are you using? I wasn't aware they made a conversion for the 226; I thought they only had a conversion for the F-134 and L-134.
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Pertronix part # 1569 before i did that it didnt fire at all. (burnt points)

I`ll try the spark plug checker, thanks.
Just do verify, whats the correct spark sequence? And where is #1. The rotor is turning counter clockwise?
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I don't have my manuals with me, but this is from Willys Tech:
Firing Order - 1-5-3-6-2-4 Rotating Counterclockwise

I would check to see if you're getting any spark whatsoever to the plugs. If you don't have an in-line checker, you can just hold the plug wire just above the top of the installed spark plug with a pair of insulated pliers and see if you're getting any arc. It sounds like you're not getting any spark at all.
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The inline spark tester indicated spark on all six sylinders.
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It's hard to tell whether your ignition timing is right, or if something is wrong with the more exotic Pertronix setup. Is it just turning over and not cranking? It sounds like it's getting fuel, so unless it's flooding all the time, then something has to be up with your ignition.
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It cranks over and fires, and runs bad for a couple of seconds (0.5- 4 sek)before it dies. before the Pertronix it was worse so I think that is ok.

It floodes after multiple tries of starting it.

My feeling is that something`s up with the timing. How to check and adjust? Anybody got a good How to describing it with pictures?
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Well the old 6-226 needs a rebuild so out it went. In its place wait and see.


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