pick up

  1. 54Jester

    Getting started

    Well, got her into the garage today, ready to start tearing her down. HUGE thank you to @duke94 for the parts!! Going to be a process. Stripping her down to the frame. Having the frame and axles powder coated, new brake and fuel lines. Rebuilt motor and exhaust thanks to @duke94. Hoping to have...
  2. bloodymary666

    Need help with unknown model

    Hello everyone, I recently inherited a Willys pickup and have been looking for information on this car. I haven't really found anything looking like it and wanted to know if anyone here knows more about this car. I was told it was built during the 1960s but was wondering whether this is...
  3. 1961 Full Size Willys Firetruck ratio troubles

    Hello, I am René from the Netherlands. I hope you understand the crappy English i use, as i am Dutch. Me and my son Chevy have bougt a full size 1961 Willys little firetruck, Chassis code 5516823312, wide track and 118 inch wheelbase. (Picture below, the foodtruck stickers are from formal...