1. Willys Truck Rolling Chassis

    For Sale South West Michigan I no longer need this roller minus the body. From a 49 truck I believe Frame is in great shape Rear axle Front axle 6 cylinder engine Transmission Transfer case Differential Plus more
  2. Lightning L148 engine info needed

    Hi all, I'm building a Lightning flathead 6 L148, casting number is 645362-3, and serial number is S20656. I believe these engines were only used in the Jeepster. Does anyone know the year it was built, engine color, and if it had an oil filter? Thank you.
  3. Old New Guy

    Hi all, my name is Dennis and I have a collection of antique farm engines. My neighbor recently gave me a Willys L6 148 engine that sat in the open for many years without an air cleaner to keep the rain out of the carburetor, valves, and cylinder. I'm in the process of getting this engine to...
  4. Engine turning, but not firing.

    Okay, my plan to keep my Wagon includes me getting it running so its in better fashion to have work done. Today, I hooked up jumper cables in conjunction with a battery to try and start it. I managed to get a decent turn out of it, but I am not getting a fire out of it. All it does is spin. All...
  5. Getting my Wagon running......

    Here's my situation. I have been watching my '58 Wagon sit in my driveway with almost no work done for the last 2 months. I took the seats out.....woohoo.......no. Anyway, I have found out through my dad that the engine is free, the carb linkage is free, and all parts needed are pretty much...
  6. I am looking for a Super Hurricane

    I am looking for a complete and running 6-226 super hurricane 12V. Please let me know if you have one or any leads to one. Thanks
  7. Im looking for a L6-226 Super Hurricane

    I am looking for a complete and running 6-226 12V. If anybody has one or any leads please let me know. Thanks