1. scramboleer

    230 OHC Tornado for sale on eBay (not mine)

    This isn't mine, but it's starting price has dropped over the past few months from $500 or so down to $75 including the engine stand. From the ad: THIS IS A KAISER 6 CYL ENGINE FOR PARTS ONLY. IT WAS RUNNING WHEN REMOVED FROM VEHICLE. IT DOES NOT HAVE A INTAKE MANIFOLD OR CARBURETOR, OR...
  2. scramboleer

    Rare 2wd 1962 Willys Traveller

    This popped up on Facebook - a former State of Colorado Department of Forestry 2wd Traveller. It sold in an estate sale recently in Kansas. Hopefully the new owner finds his way over here. Other than the missing 230 OHC Tornado, it's nearly stock and in great shape. It also has a picture of the...