1. jnagel

    Tornado 230 fuel/vacuum pump connection

    I had my fuel/vacuum pump rebuilt a few months ago (Athur Gould) and was surprised when it didn't easily fit back in to the engine. I read in the "Jeep Tornado 230" service manual that "if interference exists, remove the fuel pump and reposition it so that the fuel pump arm is under the end of...
  2. stardog

    230 OHC Tornado Build

    This will serve as a record of my build of a 230 OHC Tornado engine: The engine came to me in a 1966 Jeep J3000: The previous owner stated that the engine had gone through the engine shop in the mid 1980’s and was built but never started. Upon teardown I found that he did indeed tell the...
  3. Offthebeatenpath

    230 Tornado OHC rebuild in for a Gladiator in Montana

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the OWF, but hopefully I can contribute some small fraction of what I've learned from this site. I found OWF while looking for info on rebuilding the Tornado 230 that's in my '65 Jeep J200. I know it's not a true Willys Overland rig, but it has the heartbeat of one...
  4. scramboleer

    Rare 2wd 1962 Willys Traveller

    This popped up on Facebook - a former State of Colorado Department of Forestry 2wd Traveller. It sold in an estate sale recently in Kansas. Hopefully the new owner finds his way over here. Other than the missing 230 OHC Tornado, it's nearly stock and in great shape. It also has a picture of the...