Your Willys year and model


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
First Name
Willys Model
  1. Wagon
Willys Year:
  1. 1960
In an effort to keep spammers from getting into the forum, I have added two questions that new registrants must manually answer when they sign up for an account. I've already had to ban the first spammer, and I don't want that to turn into a full time job. And I hate seeing drug, body augmentation, or other unwanted spam posts turn up on forums.

Because these questions must be global on the forum, they are a requirement for existing users too. If you make any changes to your user profile, you will have to fill in the two questions (from a drop-down menu) in order to save your changes.

This information is also helpful to everyone because it lets us know what you might be working on when you ask a question on the forum.

When you have a minute, go to your User Control Panel and click the profile tab. You will see the two questions in the lower part of the profile page.


Also added a First Name requirement to the registration...

This info now shows under your avatar, so we can see at a glance what you've got when you post a question.