Woohoo! I have heat!


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Aug 27, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
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That's right, for the first time ever I drove to work today in a heated Willys! I used a Danhard Inc.
model 1412 heater and centered it under the dash. Hooking the flex tube to the defrost vents was
a pain in the butt and I had to relocate the cowl-vent lever, but I'm happy with the final product.
I refused to pay the $125 for the factory control switch so I used a $5 push-pull for fan speeds 1
and 2, then used a $3 toggle to run fan speed 3 when I need it. Below is the method I used to
move the cowl-vent lever for those interested:

The before picture:

I needed to make a new lever so I just welded a small piece of tube to a length of flat, roughly
the same length as the original lever.

Using the original pivot-bolt to attach the lever to the crossbeam just wasn't gonna work so I
welded a bolt through the lever, facing the opposite direction. That way I'd have access to the
nut if I ever need to remove it.

After that I welded all the pieces of my new lever together using a piece of tubing long enough
to get me out of the way of the new heater. Then I cut the old handle off of the cam so that it
would be able to rotate without interference from the heater body.

Once all my sloppy fabricating was done I installed the new lever mechanism.

Last but not least I was able to install the main body of the heater (sorry, the picture is kind of
dark.) Then it was just a matter of running heater hoses through the firewall, installing two
ball valves so I can turn the heat off in the off-season, and tapping everything into the engine.
Great post Kyle... heat is good...

really looking good heres to ya :cheers: heat would most diff be a good thing where you live if nothing else to keep the windshield clean and dry congrats :thumbupleft:
Like the heat and lever mod. Also like the recalibrated speedo. Will it really do 85?
cnsay said:
Like the heat and lever mod. Also like the recalibrated speedo. Will it really do 85?

Yep, it'll do 85... as long as its flat... or downhill. Pretty fancy recalibrating, aint it? Eventually I'm just gonna replace the speedo gear in the tranny, but in the meantime the current system will have to do. Just a bit hard to read at night, though. :cheers:
Heat and defroster are items hard to live without...I love the speedo as well...I can just visualize a cop stopping you for speeding and you show him the dash...."but officer, I was only going a black tic..." :lol:
How about showing us more photo's of your ride in action.
Heat is a great idea, that was pretty slick doing the tube trick like that. So your cowl vent is now you air inlet for your heater box huh? interesting.

Keep it up.

Kyle, any chance you have pictures of your cowl vent lever setup? I cant see the pictures on your original post, and im looking for a good, easy way to relocate mine. Any help would be appreciated.
The pics don't want to show on my computer! What gives? I'd love to see them...