Wiper adjustment-How?


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Aug 10, 2010
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Didn't want to hijack another thread, so I'm gonna ask here. I don't have a shop manual that others have referred to, so can someone explain the procedure to tighten the wiper cables, please? Mine are definitely on the slack side. Thanks


Lee, Look under the dash at the pulley set ups. You'll see the bolts that fasten them to the firewall. Loosen the bolts and slide the pulley assemblies to the outside. That's the adjustment. There is a stop, so you can only move them so far, but if you need more you'll have to grind that stop piece down.

Some folks will also remove the cables and tie a knot in them to shorten things up a bit. Just an idea.

On my '61 wagon, the two pulley assemblies are mounted to the firewall with two phillips head machine screws each. I wasn't sure how to adjust them either, so I pulled one of them out and had a look.

There are two pulleys on each assembly. One of the two pulleys is mounted on a spring loaded pivot, and there is a lockdown nut to keep it from moving once tightened. As mentioned above, there is a stop to limit the amount of movement in the spring loaded pulley. If you can't get enough travel out of the adjustment to get rid of all of the slack, I think you can grind off some of the stop to increase the adjustment travel.

While I had mine out of the wagon, I cleaned it up, lubed the pulleys, and got the adjustment working smoothly. Once I put it back in, and I didn't have to stand on my head to understand how to adjust it, it was easy to get the cables tight.

Hope this helps...

Thanks, gents. Looks like I'm gonna be "standin' on my head" this weekend