willys truck ratrod diesel


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Oct 23, 2009
Puyallup Wa.
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Just watching this cheers me up.
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My first reaction to this post....sure glad I don't own it and don't push play....but after viewing it....I smiled, thought it was cool and would cruise with "Whiskey" anytime....thanks for the post!
I have watched this video over and over again. Bloodsweatandwhiskey has a couple more on Youtube as well. This is a truelly unique build. Kinda makes me wanna build one. I am thinking about an American made diesel if I can find one. This is proof that you dont have to have a Willys in the air to be cool. I am a Rat Rodder at heart but I also love old Willys Jeeps of all kinds. Who cant love the looks of a Willys Jeep.
Thanks for sharing.
I really like rat rods and this one is killer. What a unique and well done rig. Big thumbs up.