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Bigger Hammer
Nov 2, 2009
New Brunswick CANADA
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Hi all, just found your board here thought I'd register, and join the group.
I am from Atlantic Canada, ( New Brunswick ). I 'am a Acadian decendent, and proud of it.
I picked up a 54 willys truck last year, not to bad of shape, worth fixing up i think.
I first have to finish my current project. And will hopefully start the willys afterwards.
I plan on going big, with this build, 39" tires, d60 front , d 70 rear, 351W, C6, NP205.
I strongly believe that it was ment to go anyware, and when i'am done it will once again be capable, with a few modifications.
Once the build begins, i will post all that i can with many pics. But for now i'am just gathering parts.
Enough for now, just wanted to say hi and looking froward to exploring your forum.

62 OlllO

Well Oiled
Oct 19, 2009
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1962
All Willys Trucks and Wagons are worth fix'en...and it sounds you have your project headed to be a MONSTER...what projects could be more important? Hey, don't forget the over-size heater and that electrical cord to plug it in at night. Glad to have you here and look forward in hearing from you Cunuck.