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Mar 11, 2011
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Last week I bought A nos glovebox latch with a key from ebay. The latch was listed for a International. It didn't say what year it was but it is just like a willys glovebox lock. The lock style is kinda tear drop shaped. I think only the early willys trucks and wagons had the latch like this. So if you are looking for one and can't find it under the name of (willys glovebox lock/latch) then seach under International. I also found out that the early Jeep Wagoneers and Jeep Gladiators also had this style. I belive all willys wagons take this latch to. It should be at the underseat tool compartment. I would post a picture but It wount let me... it says it is to big or somthing like that, but I am a noob and i'm probley doing it wrong. but anyways I will figuar it out to post a pic soon. I hope this helps..... maby you will understand what I am talking about and if not i'm sorry I wasted your time. :?

ok this is a update and I found a picture of the latch I am talking about, but I dont know how to add it to this post.... so you will have to look at my gallery images to see what i'm talking about.
Thanks for the tip and Welcome to the forum...next you need to learn how to re-size your pi'c to 800x600 pix, then load them up....your gallery pic is tiny....don't give up because I weant to see your project!
Stay Safe and warm...