What are your plans for your wagon?


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Sep 20, 2009
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Hey guys, just thought I'd maybe start some discussion on everyone's plans for their wagons. Mine was my daily driver for a couple of years till I got classic car insurance on it and my other stuff, now it's garage kept. It's all stock, personally I enjoy them as they left the factory.

We have a 63. The plan for it is to be the surf wagon for my 11 yr old son, our yellow Lab, my wife and I. First we have to get it running and stopping safely though. It is a 4x4 and we are alowed to drive on the beach here so I am really looking forward to getting it going. I think it will definately make a cool beach cruiser!
Hey Guys, How goes it? I have my own short story posted on Willysonline, but I'll put a bit more in to it here. I've been playing with Willys since 1979. At that point I was a Senior in high school and my auto shop teacher drove his Willys pick up in to the shop one day. I fell in love with a vehicle. Any time he wanted something done to it I jumped. After that I was hooked. Got my first Willys in 1982 and a second one (a wagon) in 1985. They were both sold due to stupidity. I got my current wagon back in '96. It was a basket case in somebody's back yard. Anyway, It had a V-8 stuffed in it (they did a bad job) so part of my plan was to just put enough money into it to get it going and enjoy it as was for a while. I bought another V-8, cleaned things up for the install, sanded and primed the body, threw some bucket seats in it, and drove it around like that for a while. Eventually I put Rancho 2.5" springs on it, 33" tires, painted it and drove it like that for about 8 years. After that I started forming plans. I wanted a Monster Willys, so I started gathering parts. When i started thinking on the axles and suspension, I realized that if i started cutting, welding and swapping out parts it really wouldn't be a Willys any longer. Well, that's when the purist side of me came out and I reversed my direction. Now everything on it is stock. Not original, but stock. Seats, steering wheel, suspension, engine (226 6 cyl), trans, xfer case, Saturn overdrive, and so on. I love it. Unfortunately I now have some rust bubbles forming so i have to find the time to get to it. Plus it now has a fuel problem so it's been sitting for a month or so. I need to rebuild the engine, but it's too much like $$ at this time so I run it as is. Small road inclines are a B****. No power. Eventually some day in my life I'd like to be able to drop it off for a complete professional restoration, but for now, i just need to get to the body work and i'm a happy camper. People love it and oogle at it when ever i take it out. I dig it. :)

Do you still have or do you know where I can get a set of the lifted springs? I would like to be able to put 33's on mine. I will be driving mainly around town and then out onto the beach, nothing extreme or difficult. I had a CJ8 with 33's , loved the stance and I think I'd like to have my wagon sit like that as well. Also, what did they do to the steering for that, if anything?

Imposter, :)
I don't have them any longer. It's anyone's guess where you can find them these days. The 2.5" were the only springs Rancho made for these applications and quit producing them quite a ways back. The set cost me around 400.00 in 1997, so at that price they were exactly what i wanted, but man O man, they rode like a bucking board. I would prefer to steer you to a Willys parts house where they will make springs for what you have in mind. I paid almost $1,000 for the set i have on now from WillysAmerica, but well worth it compared to those Rancho's.

No modification to steering needs to be made for the 2.5" lift but that's about max.
I don't think I will be able to find any. That is OK. From what I have read I shouldn't run anything larger than 31's on the stock drivetrain. One step at a time, I should probably stick with running and stopping first anyhow.
Don't be too sure. If I recall, there was a set on Ebay about 6 months ago. They're out there. Just keep checking with the 4WD shops. Still though, when you're ready for them you should pay the extra $$ and get a GOOD set. As far as that "stance" goes, It was cool. I think I put a picture of it in the Gallery here with the 33's on it if you wanna check it out. As far as wear and tear on the stock drive train...Yes, it will tend to wear on the steering box, but if i was to obtain another Willys, it wouldn't bother me in the least to have a set of 33's on it.
Did you get the picture upload figured out? I don't think I had to resize to put mine in the gallery. For your Avitar though you will. Right click on the pic. Click edit. and resize to 90 X 90. Then you're set.
Hey guys. I think I may have a set of those ranchos on my red wagon as it looks a bit higher than stock. Its my parts car, but currently wouldnt be able to sell the springs because it would render the truck imovable and thats not cool with pops. Its living at his place for now and I eventually have to get it out of there. If I can, I'll keep in touch with ya iff you want to wait to get these springs.

My wagon will be a mix of body parts from a 53 and 57 that will end up looking very stock, right down to the bench seat and stock wheel. The Frame and drivetrain is a 6 speed 2005 Wrangler Rubicon.

Take a look at my build log here;

That would be great. Thanks. I am in no rush, I can't even drive mine around yet so there are other more important things to do first anyway, and then when I see how much that costs and how it is running I can pick the next step. If you would just keep me in mind for when you are ready to take them off I would appreciate it.
I love both the stock stance and the rancho lift. Last year I got a new wagon that came with the Rancho suspension. It runs bias ply tires, too. It's a fun ride (mostly around town driving). I'll try to figure out how to post a picture.
Our "Bluebell" is a '65 with the Tornado 230 engine and Koenigs winch (which needs some work). Disc brakes done, Saginaw steering in place along with 3 point seatbelts. Body brought up to a reasonable standard - perhaps 7/10. I want to finish a few mechanical repairs and get the vehicle through AirCare. Then new leaf springs (she rides quite low) and a folding sunroof; then new headlining. Probably will update to a MegaJolt distributorless ignition system and would love a 4 spd (she's unpleasant to start off uphill due to the 4:27 gearing). There is a rumour that IKA (Kaiser in Argentina) produced a 4spd T90 gearbox that would bolt in without any other modifications - that would be wonderful. Then there's the possibility of adding more instruments hidden behind the radio plate which could just flip down.
Hope the Mrs. doesn't see all my plans as we have already spent too much on the Willys.
At the present time, I'm waiting for it to be delivered here in Georgia from Denver. I guess the first thing will be to inspect it and clean it up a bit. Then I will read some of these posts, talk to some 4 x 4 fanatics, research what others have done correctly and go from there, over time we will see what happens. I like detail so the body will come off the frame for a short while so I can paint it, run new brake/fuel lines and paint the underside of the body. Clean up the engine (SB Chevy), firewall, new brake master dual cylinder, re-wire the entire wagon, get a boat cushion for the hole in the drivers side seat (use until re-upholstery)...you get the idea....tear it apart and take 3-4 years re-assembling it after spending 8 to 10 grand on it....I justify the expense by says I don't fish or golf!
My wagon is a 62 registered in 63. Full frame off modification. Ford 302 V8 5 speed manual overdrive trans . 2002 Land Rover Discovery Transfer case with 4 to1 low range. Land Rover Disc brake Axles front and rear with Coil spring front suspension. Saginaw power steering, tilt wheel and electric leather seats out of an Olds Bravada.35x12.50x18 MT's First snow Fall 2020 001.jpgFirst snow Fall 2020 002.jpgThe Wagon has been together since 2016 and has been as reliable as an 8 day clock.
1959 wagon with a 265 SBC out of a 55 Bel Air that has been in it since 68. 411 (or is it 427) diffs, T90, Warn OD, Konieg PTO winch.

Plans are to make it reliable and eventually add AC then drive it to where ever fits our fancy. First I need to successfully un-fruck my tranny. I have been my own worst enemy on that front.