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Feb 14, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
I just found a willys wagon on craigslist the other day for three thousand.

UNMOLESTED !!! All original 1955 Model # 6-226 4x4 SW 54168 Willys Station Wagon 4 Wheel Drive 32,492 original miles. Original 6 volt system. Garage kept most all these years. Still licensed and on the road. I drive it around most every weekend

Well researched pedigree - Purchased new in 1955 by Frank C. Moore, Lt Governor of NY from 1951 to 1953 for use on his Great Camp in Indian Lake, NY. Kept at the great camp from ’55 to 1985 then transferred to a groundskeeper in 1985-ish. Then sold to another individual around 1987 or so. Then sold to a fellow in Canadice, NY. Then sold to me. I've had the truck since early 2007.

that was the add.

When i saw the pictures i was hooked... couldn't get it out of my head and if it weren't for the fact that i need a daily driver I would already own it.

despite this i still consider it an option and will right up until the add disappears from craigslist all together. in the mean time i would like to lurk on your boards. or be convinced to buy this piece of history from the days gone by when cars seemed to be actually worth owning.

k thanks heres pictures since you were so nice to read all that...even if you didnt really and just skipped to the pictures.........



I've seen that one before. If I saw an add like that from sayyyy... California, I'd probably be all over it. New York though??? I dunno. Could be a toss up. It might be a real gem, but i'm betting all that rust you see in the pics is just the beginning. I've never had the room or the resources to take a body off and put it on a rotisserie. This one here would probably need such an undertaking. As much as I would love to say buy it and save it, I'm thinking $1000 to $1,400 at most. Of course you could definitely pay that much for a halfway decent running 226 engine. Trust me, I just bought one for $600 (not rebuilt). When I bought my current wagon back in 96, it had a non running V-8 in it, the body was solid and it had an overdrive. I bought it for $1,400, so it just depends on how bad you want something.
Keep pondering. :)
Elwood, welcome to the forum. If you found it on Craigslist you are probably close enough to go see it. If it was garage kept, it may not have been driven on salty roads. The quarter panels and floor boards are your culprits for rusting out. Check it out and if you like it make an offer. Its been on there for a while. Chuck
Could you post some larger pictures of the wagon interior? The speedometer and other gauges.... (edit: if available, I didn't understand at first that the pix were from an ad!)

btw, liked your thinking: "...this piece of history from the days gone by when cars seemed to be actually worth owning" One of the reasons I'd like my grandpa's willy back on the road...


Have you gone to check it out? I to have seen this ad but decided that I should probably get at least one Willys looking and running nice before I get any more. Although I do have my eye on a 3b that might be for sale soon. ;)
i have no car to drive the three hours to see it

:-( i can already feel it slipping through my fingers