Wagoneer d44's


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Apr 27, 2010
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  1. 1962
What years have a passenger side pumkin? If I find one that has a driverside drop can I flip it? And make it work
I have never tried to flip an axle, but have heard there are issues with the oil not flowing right and cooking spider gears. Not sure if it is true, but seems like a lot of work since there are ones out there that have passenger side diff.
Lack of oiling of the pinion yoke bearing and will run in the opposite direction too if flipped!
Thanks there's some great info there so it looks like i want 77 to 79 preferred so it's pasangerside drop and disk breaks, before 77 will work to but is drum and i was hoping to upgrade, does anyone know of any other axles i should consider for my upgrade?
Not a lot of options on passenger drop axles that will moreless bolt in. Most Chevy D44s are passenger drop although I am not sure your are going to find anything that isn't full width. 7"+ wider that stock. Although it is lot of work it isn't that big of deal to narrow an axle. Gm 10 bolt would also be very similar. There is also a whole host of Toyota axles that might work although I don't know much about them.
I have no problem removing and welding on new spring perchs but not sure I want to get in cutting an axle down
Regular Dana 44's out of a wagoneer are gonna be too narrow in the rear. The front will be perfect but the back tires wont clear the frame. I went with Wide Track 44's out of Cherokee Chief. You might be able to find something in a J-10 or J-20 truck. Also not all 44's are equal. Some are 16 spline and some are 30, also some have vacuum actuated hubs, something to also stay away from. :thumbup:
Thanks for the info

Yea the vac axles suck I have a yj with that and im getting rid of that soon
My '55 Willys Wagon has a '79 Wagoneer D44 NT passenger drop front axle with disc brakes and it's 61-1/2" wide. I used a '78 Cherokee D44 WT center drop rear axle with drum brakes and it is 61-3/8".
Most if not all modern vehicles the front axle is a few inches wider than the back... On the willys the rear is much wider than the front. If you wanted to keep it this way you would be better off with a wide track rear and a standard front. I went wide track all the way because I thought it would make the vehicle more stable one lifted. It does throw water on my side windows.... I haven't had it in the mud yet.