wagon search for identification


Knuckle Buster
Feb 27, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:
About 34 yrs ago, my friend and I took his dad's old wagon out for an adventure. I don't know if what I remember is very accurate.
I remember it was a four door ,not the high roofline of older wagons more like the later wagoneer type body.The grill had vertical slats in the center much like the early Gladiator trucks ( I think ).I'm guessing it was one of the first wagoneer type bodies .And , three speed on the colume shifter. That's about all I remember ( due to youthfull indescretions ). I would like to know if I gave a close description to anything and the years it was produced.
Thanks ahead for your help,Mark
I believe you just described one of the early wagoneers as you suspected. Pretty accurate too. :)