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Oct 15, 2010
Henniker, NH
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Hi everyone, I just got a 57 wagon. It has no hitch on it, was wondering if someone could tell what the capacity of the truck is and how were the stock hitches attached. It has the 6 cylinder! Thanks
I have never seen a factory hitch for a wagon. I have seen some scabbed hitches. A bumper mount isn't too hard to do. Bumper mount is usually for under 3500-4000 LBS, but that may be OK as these wagons are not really designed for heavy towing.
Sean, Usually what you will see on the wagons is a bumper mounted ball. Hard to find these days, but they do a good job for light duty towing, ie...small utility trailer, small boat, etc...

I grafted a class 3 hitch to my frame from a '62 scout. It's removed right now and I don't have any pictures of it installed, so maybe no help there. I always used it for small stuff. Just because it's a class 3, don't mean the vehicle is. :) The fuel tank is the concern for fitment of any hitch, so take good measurements. These weren't meant to tow heavy loads. Light farm equipment is about the extent of it. It has been done, but think about why a lot of these frames are tweeked. :)
Great thanks guys!, I was assuming something in those terms but just wanted to be sure. Yeah just looking to tow either a light camper or small 14' boat so i think i should be good. I got some good ideas now that i have sat and studied it to come up with a setup that looks "stock"

Thanks ill post pictures when i get it done!
jeepcrazy69 said: come up with a setup that looks "stock"

Thanks ill post pictures when i get it done!

I want to put a receiver hitch on my wagon, I'm interested in seeing what you come up with...