Think it's worth a $grand?


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Mar 19, 2010
Lead, SD
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Think it's worth a $$$grand? Owner say's the fuel pump leaks and the fuel tank is rusted through. Say's only surface rust in areas and everything is original to include the 6 volt system. Starts and drives, but has been setting for a couple years. The pictures are not real clear but the 2-226 seems to be a 2-barrell. He says the bed mod's should be repairable. Any thoughts, cautions, do's, don'ts????
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I would do it for a grand....
that runs and drives. mine was tore apart with 1 seat installed, no brakes, no windows at all, for half that for price
Tom: of course, nothing beats examining and driving the truck yourself before assessing its worth. Looks like a rusty but saveable 4WD with bed damage/modification. Is there any metal under the rubber floor mat? Assuming the worst - that you end up selling off parts to recoup your money, you probably be OK for $1000 unless you have to pay another $1000 to get it home. Expect to spend too much on it even if you do much of the work yourself. What will your Lady say?


Been there done that too many times,

i'd do it. you stop to think about it and someone will grab it. go with your gut or your gonna be sniveling.
If you are in to the "original" aspect of things like I am when it comes to the Willys, the two barrell carb L6-226 models are somewhat difficult to find these days. I'm with the last post. Offer up 800 bucks. tell him you need the other 200 to get it home. :)
I'd buy the heck out of that for $1000. Are you sure it's a 2bbl model or is it just a 1bbl Holley or some other 1bbl carburetor on it rather than the stock Carter YF? Either way, that thing looks very solid for the money. It's always a good idea to try and barter, it won't hurt anything. But I wouldn't feel bad if you have to end up paying $1000. Not bad at all.
Thanks for the feedback. I sent him a deposit! It's tough to buy anything sight-un-seen other than some low res pictures... My theory is anyone that owns a Willys is streight shooter. I't's only about 35 miles from my Cabin in the Black Hills but I'm in Houston and want be up to SD till the end of the month. I'll post some good pictures of my find when I've got it to the cabin.

Thanks all.
If you are coming down I-25 from SD on your way back to Houston and want to stop of in Colorado Springs for a pit stop. Feel free to let me know. The family and I can make arrangements for a home cooked meal and some BS'ing.
Yuppers....$1000.00 is a good deal. I have found that Willys tend to run and hot and cold as far as price goes. If someone wants it then it is worth $1000.00. If no one wants it than your guess is as good as mine. I have seen guys asking huge money for their Jeeps, sometime they sell sometimes they dont... I paid $1650.00 for mine in 2007. It needed brakes and floor boards. Still needs some small stuff to get road worthy. Not a bad deal I would say.