Swapping in a better rear axle in a pickup


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Dec 20, 2010
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Hello, new to the forum! I have a 52 pickup with a dana 44 rear with tapered axles. I am tired of breaking axle shafts, and want to swap in a bigger, modern axle. Are there any axles that are wide enough to fit, without building a custom one? I would like to go with a Dana 60 full floater. Any ideas? Thanks, Caterpillarman
I don't know about Dana 60's but I have a Cherokee Chief Wide track axle with the offset Diff on mine. It clears the frame barely an inch on each side. The tires do rub the frame when fully articulated, but I don't feel it. The stock axle is 63" any Full size should be close to that. My wide track is 62". Wait, that might be the front, I would have to look it up.