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Eric B

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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Alright, I am still in the interior planning stages and budget set up, but I am looking for some pics to use as reference of what I am going to need to get my original seats mounted when the time comes. I got 2 buckets with my wagon, a large bench seat and frame, and a smaller seat and frame. I also got a 2nd larger bench seat(no frame) and smaller seat (no frame). The rear seat mounting brackets are still in the floor so I have those.
Just trying to figure out what brackets I will need for the front seats and also figuring out which seat frames I will need to be on the hunt for when the time comes.

If anyone can post or email pics of what you have for a the front seat brackets and frames I would appreciate it.

Eric (Colorado)
a few too many Eric's here.
I'll try to post 2 pics that may help. The first is my '54 wagon showing driver seat. It is mounted on tracks and adjusts front to rear. The second pic is a Sedan Delivery showing stock frames and the tabs that come out of the floor for the passenger seat to pivot.[attachment=1:163darfb]Picture_2001.JPG[/attachment:163darfb][attachment=0:163darfb]wagon023.jpg[/attachment:163darfb]

Old Willy


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That helps.
I have to figure I must have the large rear seat and the small front seat on frames already. My small jump seat has 2 legs with bumpers on the back bottom of it. The large rear seat frame I have has a solid bar across the bottom.
Any more pics out there?
That's cool! Much easier to get in than the POS honda seats that were in mine :lol:

Has anyone used an old passenger seat out of a blazer or jimmy?

I've got an 02 mountaineer and the 2nd row of seats fold down then forward much like stock. Depending on what you're looking for something like it might work.

I can take some pics if you're interested.
Here's a shot of my '49s back seats for what its worth...


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My 1962 Pickup had original seats in it when I bought it. Had them recovered. They were bench seats.....