Starting the long uphill rod on my 60 2wd wagon


Bigger Hammer
Aug 11, 2010
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  1. 1960
I just purchased a 60 Willys wagon to restore. We looked at a lot of projects before we found "The One". The best part is my wife was OK with this. :lol: Mechanically it seems sound but the trans is noisy. It has a T86 w/overdrive, does anyone know if the T90 will fit. I want to keep the side shift so it is original. Look forward to being part of the Willys community.
davidblakeslee said:
... Look forward to being part of the Willys community.

Welcome to the forum... :thumbupleft:

Post some pics when you get a minute-

Hi David
Welcome aboard to the wondeful world of Willys trucks and wagons. This is just my two cents here. Keep it simple. These old trucks/wagons are old, get them so they can be driven and have fun with them. These trucks/wagons are nothing like a mainstream vehicle that is for sure. They stand out like sore thumb at times, I have grown very fond of my smelly old truck. I hope you get to enjoy yours too. Nothing like a 50 year old SUV huh??
That's what I like to hear!! Keep it simple, keep it old and keep on truckin'. Here's an exerpt out of Rick Grovers Willys page. I'm diggin' it.

My truck will run forever! It has already run for over 50 years and through uncounted thousands of miles. (The gears in the speedometer wore out many years ago.) It's harder to drive than a modern truck, and it takes constant tinkering, but as I chug on my daily commute, I feel that I have escaped from the hectic world of planned obsolescence, glossy advertising, and high-pressure salesmen. I drive past junkyards filled with cars much newer than my truck and feel like I have cheated time itself. And when I go driving off the pavement, I never worry about scratching the paint, or hills too steep, or trails too rocky - 'cause I drive a Willys!
David, what a great project you have chosen....the vehicle itself is unique and keeping another Willys Wagon on the road is great news. The road may seem uphill and long...but it's like an amusement park ride to me...everyday I get to play (providing I have the time and energy) and when it's time for me to take that first ride or my last....I have a pocket full of tickets to enjoy it. Glad to see you have found us here on the forum!
Between home maintenance and "Lil Willy", as we've come to call him, things are going slow. I've stripped the chassis and interior ( You would think, as basic as a willys is, that there wouldn't be that many wires to label), thank got for digital cameras or I'd be a basket case. I have ordered the body panels and most of the interior pieces, we're changing from black to ivory, and dropping off parts at different shops for repair. Does anyone know what the original color for the motor was? Looking at the gallery has helped immensly, thanks for the pictures and I'll post what I have soon.