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Oct 15, 2009
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I am just starting to think about how I want to restore my 1950/53 wagon, but I was wonder how the forum has restored your cars. I thought it would be very interesting to have you guys post pictures of your wagons and showcase the mods you have made.... :D

So show me your wagon......

Here is mine....
Supercharged, I have a few of mine posted in the gallery. Engine, Interior, but if you would like more let me know.
Likewise, Supercharged - I've installed 3 point seatbelts, power steering and disc brakes/dual MC. Also done some upholstery and bodywork.

Take a look here:

P.S You can also take Bluebell, our wagon, for a drive if you promise to be very careful!

I see that a lot of folks shove V8s in their Willys is there some engine / transmission combo that works the best?
Mine was like that when I got it, and I don't have it going yet so I don't know. I'll post up when I get it on the road. Think it has a Chevy 283 and the rest of the drivetrain appears to be stock. I am curious to see how it does b/c I like the thought of the V8 in there ( and the sound of the exhaust!)

For what I am going to use it for though it really isn't necessary. Of course, if I only had what was necessary I probably wouldn't have a 46 yr old wagon well as most of the assorted junk that is laying around my garage and yard :mrgreen:
Why a SBC ....IMO... Chevy Small guess is there are a lot of them out there to use, they are cheap to rebuild, good over-all power plant, lot's of after market "bling" to make engine compartment sparkle....but you will also notice plenty of V6 Buick engines for Willys-Jeep power. What's the best???? What ever you can afford or what you inherit...there is no right answer...I'd personally put a 4 cylinder diesel in mine if I had one that was cheap. Transmissions?????? I'm getting old and lazy - automatic for me. Just remember your project Willys is a journey, you follow the road others have plowed, while giving your Willys your personal touch's ( example: Cadillac tail-lights, third brake light etc. )
My '62 Willy's Wagon has a small block chevy in it already, will I keep it...? depends how it runs and set-up...3 speed Hi-Lo with over-drive...this picture was taken Oct. 28 and is still sitting in's all I got to show.
What possessed me to purchase a Willys in Colorado and I'm in Georgia? A vehicle that I have never drove? Only seeing pictures and talking with the owner - after one week it was mine. I trusted the former owner in his description of problem areas and felt this Willys deserved a chance to be freshened up instead of parted out. What should I call my Willys? "Storm", "White on White Crime", "White on White 62", "Blizzard"....?


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I will be putting a SBC, SM465, NP 208 in my 59, cuz thats what I have, I have almost the same combo in my Landcruiser, works really good.
The small block Chevy is not that easy to install, specially not if the car is an originally 4 banger. Lengthwise it is just enough space for the V8. Using a 6 sylinder front, or modifying the 4 sylinder front will help, but it is still a tight fit. The distributior in the back of the engine is a pain in the butt, and the front, frame crossmember is very close to the harmonic balancer. I have done this swap for my car, so I know it will work, but many hours was spent on finding good, working solutions. A few things to consider: New radiator, limited space under floor for a TH 350, heating problems inside engine compartment, transfer case will need to be relocated.

The very same car was earlier equipped with a V6 engine. A lot more easy to install! And, if the Buick odd fire V6 is installed, this is nearly an original engine (sort of).

I would recommend a V6 or even an inline 6, but the sound of a V8 is also something to take into account....
overland said:
The sound of a V8 is also something to take into account....

That right there is a very true statement, I have a V8 in my Landcruiser and it ROCKS! My wagon had a 6 cyl and I'm sure in 1959 it rocked too, sorta :lol:. The crossmember can be relocated, the rad re-cored and a custom shroud built, the firewall massaged, it isn't an easy project by any means but it is very do able. Having duals out the back should make a nice rumble too. Purist's don't be hatin on me, each to their own, right? ;)
Here are some shots of my wagon and my garage, going to be busy this winter :twisted:


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Working on both LandCruiser and Willys: Have you noticed how similar they are in design? See if you can a picture of the first model LandCruiser on Internet and you will understand... (It is a Willys Wagon copy). This goes for the first Nissan Patrol too!
Yes they are very similair trucks as far as body but the frame on the Cruiser is much heavier, boxed from the factory, the axles are also very heavy duty, actually the whole driveline. I guess that the 14 year difference between my two trucks could account for some of those differences tho,I have noticed that early Cruiser wagons bare a hard resemblance to a Willys wagon. Regardless, they are both extremely cool trucks to both work on and own. Hopefully when my son is old enough to drive he will want to take one of dad's trucks for a spin.