putting a Chevy small block in Wilys


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Dec 4, 2010
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I know that this has been answered before. I am looking at a dissambled truck that has some of the nessecory parts to put in a SBC V8 I have a 85 350 with a manual trans. the jeeo has a smb bellhousing. What chevy parts do I need what jeep parts do I need and what special parts do i need truck has SBC motermounts.

I'm cheap, so I made my own motor mounts. With a small block, you will have to box your frame...adding support to the frame to handle the engine torque. There are many post here on the forum showing what people have done. I also went the simple route by changing the tranny and transfer case, eliminating high dollar adapters. Good Luck!
I don't have a lot of experience with the sbc, but if you already have the engine and tranny. I would be looking for a chevy or gm transfer case with right side front dump to mate up without any issues or adapters. There is a great deal of info floating around to help with the install. 1st step as mentioned previously will be boxing your frame in that's for sure.

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got any pics of the truck yet?

We like to see em all tore apart.
If I understood you correctly, you have a Buick ? bellhousing. If you could get a BOP bellhousing you would be ahead of the game. If you will be using a SBC motor and a SBB bellhousing, you will likely need an adaptor plate (google it) to mate the two together. BOP trannies had a different bolt pattern than Chebbies, and the adaptor plate makes it work.
I will be putting a SBB in my Jeep, which I bought with a SBC in it. It also had a standard GM non-BOP TH400, so instead of the plate I found a BOP TH350 that will go in, unless I find a 4 or 5 speed before I get it hooked up, or my left knee goes on strike. Then, knee replacement is a good possibility.
Good luck-