Power for the S-10 swappers


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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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Been reading about you folks swapping an S-10 chassis under your Willys, and didn't want to hijack any threads, so here's some info you might like. I used to work at a GM dealership and I found that the 2.8 V6 was much like it's sibling, the SBC, in that there is a lot of swappability of parts between the 2.8-3.1-3.4 engines. Being as they are internally balanced engines, you can hang whatever flywheel/balancer you have on the crank. You CAN'T swap a RWD with a FWD block, though. The starters mount differently. So, if you have a 2.8 with a rod knock (Chuck Givens, you listening?), find a 3.1 (same bore,different stroke) and swap the guts from it into your 2.8 block (no machining necessary). Instant displacement increase!! Now, if you can score a 3.4 (preferrably from a Firebird or Camaro), that's like going from a 283 to a 350 SBC! The 3.4 uses the same external dimensions/mounts/etc. as the 2.8, but its' bore AND stroke are different. I had one of these in my '86 S-10 Blazer 2wd/5spd. What a difference in power. Granted your not gonna set the world afire, but there is a good power band and torque that the 2.8 never dreamed of


Some very good information here on swapability that will be handyand this is why I joined this forum. I'm not sure what size the v6 was in the S10 I'm using but it's headed to the recycle bank for cash to use in my build. My plan is to use a 700r4 transmission bolted to the L6-226 using a kit from Bendtsen’s Transmission adapters made especially fro the 226. Yet to figure out is how I will be able to adapt the power steering and ac compressor to the 226, this will probably involve a lot of time at pull-a-part scrounging for pullys and brackets.
A neighbor has a 62 Wagon and got the double pully from Walcks so he could mount the AC system from Vintage Air in SA, TX. He said Carl told him he only had a few left. I'm no expert but I sure like the SBC 265 v8 in my Jeepster over the 226 I had in another Jeep. The straight 6 fit's better behind the radiator but with a flex fan and a shroud I stay cook all year. The v8 does requires a cut in the firewall for the distributor.