Odd 1st


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Sep 6, 2010
Mahtomedi MN
Willys Model
  1. Pickup
Willys Year:
  1. 1959
Hoping someone can give me some insight into what might be happening here...59 PU w/226, the first time into 1st (like after backing out of the garage), the vehicle almost stalls out...and surges.. even when providing more throttle...seems to only happen when it has not been run for a few days and the problem disappears after it has warmed up. Vehicle runs fine at idle and has no apparent transmission issues other then what I have described...any thoughts?...thanks.
Along with what Jim has said, it might be time for looking into a Carb rebuild....... though it's amazing how those old Carter YF carbs just keep going and going. I started an old 51 F head that had been sitting for 10 years outside, and had to knock the dirt dobber nests off the carb so the linkage would work......why can't they build them that way now???????? Good luck,

Definitely sounds like a choke issue to me. I have to leave my choke on for about the first 5 miles or so, because I get the same thing. Hopefully rebushing my carb will take care of that when the engine goes back in.
thank you all for the suggestions...I'll play with the choke a little more and see how it does...thanks again for the replys...mvoyt