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Apr 26, 2010
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Just got a '50 PU with a dump bed. I was told it was sitting for a "couple" of years........but probably more like 4 or 5. Anyway, started from the beginning to get it running.......I'm anxious to see the bed go up, so need the engine (F 134)going. Pulled the fuel tank to have it dipped, went through the starter (dead spot), redid the carb and adjusted the float, replaced the distributor wire, set the timing, repaired the exhaust, etc.

Still won't fire. Do you think the intakes could be stuck? The fuel was pretty bad......they had to dip the tank twice! My next step was to pull the valve cover to take a look at the rocker are assbly. and springs. If the valves are stuck, would it be OK to spray gum cutter down the guides in an effort to free them up? I want to avoid removing the head if I can.

When I get it running I'll post pics with the bed up (assuming I don't have to rebuild anything on that). Thank in advance for your help.

Sounds like an interesting one.

if you have fuel and fire (sparK) at the plugs then there could be some stuck or bent valves
Removing the cover and turning by hand watching for anything hangin up or not moving would be a starting point.

Get some pics up when ya can.

And welcome to the board.
Welcome. 1st thing, run a compression test, this will tell you if there are stuck/burnt valves leaking. You most likely have an F-head 4 cyl. engine, intake valves in the head, exhaust valves in the block. Removal of the side (tappet) cover will be necessary to inspect for stuck exhaust valves. Make sure you are getting spark at the correct time. Good luck.
Thanks Eric.
Just wanted to make sure I was heading in the right direction. One thing I failed to mention is when I pulled #1 plug, there was fuel on it; but when I pulled 2,3, and 4.......they were dry. That's want lead me to believe the intakes are stuck.
I'll pull the cover and check out the rocker arm assbly. and see if the valves move.
I can put pics up, but it's just on jack stands in the garage with the hood up. When I not trying to get it running, I'm trying to get it to stop when I do get it, working on the brakes.

Thanks wally72........I'll also do a compression test.
Checked the compression: 120 - 100 - 100 - 60. So, I figured that would not prevent it from firing. I sprayed some gum cutter down the intake guides (turned it over a few times), took a look and the springs and didn't see anything. I went through everything again. I knew I had fuel (because I was pouring down the carb). I had spark on each plug....saw it with my timing light. I rechecked the timing.........called upon my Grandpa (he was a mechanic in KC)..........started questioning my ability as a mechanic (albeit shadetree). Had a couple of :beer: :beer: Decided to replace the spark plugs (even though I cleaned and regapped the ones that are in it), althought they are not exactly the ones that go in it..........and..........turned the key.........and.......bam! It fired!!!! I poured some more gas down the throat of the carb.......turned the key and it ran again. What a relief. Tomorrow......install fuel tank with new float.
Thanks for your help!
CONGRATS!!!!!! On the fire up!!! That was a big moment I am sure.....
Wish we all could have heard it and seen the look on your face.

But here's to you :cheers:
Well, it was running, but bunch of white smoke. You know what that I replaced the accelerator pump and we're good to go. We call it CamoWillys (self explanatory). I said I would post some pics when I got it running, so here are a couple. Still in the critical care ward. I've got the front wheels off to do the brakes. I did get the bed to go up........and couldn't get it to stop! Had to shut the engine down......almost raised the roof on the garage. You can see the pump (where my oil filter should go).
But I figured it out and now it goes down. Pretty big piston on the bed. It goes through the gears OK and I don't hear any noise in the Timken rear.
Next effort.....brakes.
(Guess I need to discontinue this since it is not running).


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Nothing sounds better than the prrrrrrrr of a Willys engine and seeing a pick-up box dump. I need a load of mulch, how soon can I expect delivery? Welcome to the Forum! and to all my fellow Forum friends....please send Victor your not used up spray cans of paint, let's try and stay in the same color hue....blues, red, yellow....I believe this Willys needs one color on it. Keep posting the pictures, I enjoy watching your progress.