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Dec 2, 2010
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I am the proud owner of a 52 Wagon I loveingly call Ugly Willy.
I'ts got a 3speed on the floor, what are my options for a bolt in 5speed? And what is the best donor vehicle for a
1)power brake booster conversion, and 2) clutch/brake pedle conversion?

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multiple tough questions there.
What is your current power plant? Needed info for any possible tranny answer. Good starting resource is Novak Adapters or Advanced Adapters though too.
2wd? or 4wd?
Brake Booster and pedal switch out will have the same question. Also curious as to what is currently on the left side of your firewall to begin with giving you the room for brake booster and possible clutch linkage.
Can't really help with the question.

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum.
If you have a stock motor, I don't think there are any options for a 5 speed. You can put in an overdrive which is essential IMO. As far as brake boosters, that is pretty complicated. What was done to my truck was a Hydroboost... The brakes get the boost from the power steering pump which was also added. The hydro boost gives you more stopping power than the vacuum.

To be honest, if I had a wagon, I would look at taking a whole vehicle like a Chevy blazer, and mounting the body onto it. That would save you a ton of fabricating and engineering. It also would allow you to buy aftermarket parts for everything.

Actually I take that back about the Blazer! You would be way better off, mounting it onto something like an Old Wagoneer. Then you have yourself a real jeep and not a Blazer. Blazers axles are too wide anyway. The Waggy should be perfect.
Pete, posted a parts list of mine in the tech section of the site. The master cylinder is a dual cavity with right hand feed that is needed. there is a disc conversion on this site too. the chevy K-20 in any junkyard will have what you need for caliper brackets and the disk's will work from the K-20 as well the main thing on the disk's is they need to be the 1 1/2 deep (thickness) disk's. as for a power need one from an older improt like Honda, Suberu, Toyota, ETC.... reason for this type "vacume" booster is they are relative small and easy to mount and take very little vac to work. you will have to modify the bracket to the clutch and brake assembly if you plan on using the frame as an anchor point. it will be crouded but will work. I have made the conversion myself but waiting to assemble after getting frame redone. Made all calculations and brackets ahead of time and checked for fit.
Hurricane226 said:
You would be way better off, mounting it onto something like an Old Wagoneer. The Waggy should be perfect.

It's great for the newer components but A BUNCH OF WORK! You get to chop the frame, ditch the stock wagoneer gas tank, get a new one that fits where the spare tire was, and move the motor back OR you get to move the motor back and massage the fenders AND get a radiator that will work. And you will get to mess with the firewall and floor on either route. Ask me how I know........................on second thought please don't.
Wow, that's some good information! I guess boxing the frame and swapping axles and leaf springs isn't all that bad. :thumbup: