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Nov 15, 2009
Alpine, TX
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Looking for suggestions for a new wiring harness that works with a moder SBC, but original gauges.
I used an EZ harness on my Landcruiser, it did the job but there is a lot of extra stuff I could not use, ie, power windows, power trunk, power antenna, power locks......and this was, if I remember correctly, the barest harness they had. Not a bad product, just wouldn't use it again unless I was restoring a Caddy. I will be using a Ron Francis Bare Bones harness this time,, I looked at it before I bought the EZ, but history speaks for itself. The nice thing about Ron's is you run your wire to the box instead of having them attached when you get it, no snake nest of wiring to thread throughout the truck, just run the correct length and into the box.

edit. Ron also has a Willys Wagon.
I used the EZ Wiring harness on my Plymouth... I used the 21 circuit unit. It works fine, but it was a bit of a tangle getting all the wires sorted. I kind of liked having all the wires already connected to the fuse block, it meant half as many connections for me to screw up ;) .

The only bad part of it for me was the directions were absolutely dismal. They are geared for a street rod with a GM column,engine, and one wire alternator. I used my stock gauges and column, along with an aftermarket turn signal unit and a three wire mopar alternator. There was a bit of head scratching to get it all together.

I like the prices of the E-Z.
I could put up with a bit of head scratching for the price. I think I will go with it.
There is a guy here in town that said he had a brand new Ron Francis wiring harness he'd let me purchase at cost, so that would save on shipping, but still pricey for a bare bones system.
Since I have a GM engine, I should have an easier time than you had. I still may use a GM light switch.
BioTex said:
Since I have a GM engine, I should have an easier time than you had. I still may use a GM light switch.

When I bought my EZ harness, they were new to the scene. They've probably come along way with their instructions since then. At least I hope so. The symbols in the directions were difficult to decifer... I couldn't tell if the diagram was supposed to be a V8 engine or a starter solenoid. I wound up downloading the instructions from Painless in PDF from their website to suppliment the EZ stuff.

My EZ harness came with plugs for a typical GM steering column, alternator, etc. Since I didn't use any of this stuff, I had to figure out how to wire it to fit my setup. It wasn't so bad, just took a bit more time.

As you might have read from some of my earlier posts...I'm working on my Willys Wagon at Mike Chesser's Auto Emporium ( ) He is out... but is re-ordering supplies for his wiring harness. GM wire color codes, marked every 6" of what the wire operates...because there might be a price increase with the next order of parts he guess the price should be between $225 & $250...It will be February before he has any for you. He is a very honest businessman, I've known him for 20+ years.......check out his web site....I hope this helps you folks some.