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Dec 18, 2009
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hi i also am new to this forum i have 2 willys 1947 cj2a and 1962 wagon with tornado 6 and 7th seat . the wagon i can not stop oil leaks from front cover so i am installing 230 from a m715 with motor mounts on the block not on the front cover
Welcome other new comer!

Yeah, I made it about thirty miles before my '50 pickup decided the road wasn't nearly oily enough, and dumped everything out. Its been resting in storage ever since...
Sure glad to have some more Willys fanatics that have work to do!!! Regarding oil leaks, I heard of a trick...when the engine is out and on the engine stand, create a vacuum by sucking the air out of the block at the dip stick, then go around all gaskets and seams with silicone engine gasket...perhaps it would work if you can create the suction....(no jokes here) I do have an extra 4 cylinder from a '51 available, sounded like a sewing machine when I took it out. It has been sitting in a crate for 10 years however...I bet $300 would buy extra parts. I like pictures so take them often and post!....Enjoy! :cheers:
Welcome to the Forum mcs47cj2A! It's great to know there are a few people around with the Tornado engine. I'm currently updating the ignition system on our '65 wagon to get rid of the distributor - will post detail (if and) when I have success - must pass Aircare. Our 230 doesn't leak from the front cover - perhaps yours is an earlier design. Have you contacted Paul Barry at Willys America for advice?