New to Forum, just picked up a 1957 wagon


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hey im harrison, 17, and i daily drive a subaru wrx.
Me and my buddy found a 57 wagon at spring carlile in PA for 500 bucks
All original, motor turns, and a suprisingly small amount of rot.

ill post up a picture when i get a chance
yup should be pretty fun getting it going
it has the 6-226 super hurricane, but its the 2 wheel drive model
so we may go with a lowered rat-rod type look, instead of going through the difficultys of converting it to 4x4 and lifting it
all the wiring is there but its jumbled up and theres no key, we tested it by putting a wire from the battery to the coil and breaking the ignition so we could turn it, the starter moves which is a good sign so we just need a new battery to see where we are motor wise
put fresh oil in it, filled the radiator, hoping for good results
thanks guys.
heres a photo my friend snapped the day we bought it

What you kids are doing is secret stuff known only to a few on this forum. Being young, buying an old vehicle. transporting it home, messaging it, changing the oil, trying to fire it bring back great memories and the man who sold it to you picked the right buyers it sounds like. By the looks from the one picture, you did very good on the purchase. Just remember us older folks here like pictures, so post often...Congratulations on your new purchase/project....and Welcome to the Forum!
Looks like you really scored there. The price is amazing compared to what I can get and have never seen an original wagon here either that good a condition.
thanks guys, yeah this definately should be something fun no matter what we end up doing with it, we dont have the funds to built something awesome like some of the threads i checked out, but definately have some resources.

the friend i bought it with happens to school for welding and won the reigonal and state competitions this year, he doesnt have the knowledge you guys have, but he can definately put some metal together (something we'll need for this project, haha)

the roof needs to be patched, the front floors need to be redone, but we just want to get the thing on the road.

hes got a third gen camaro that hes putting a whole lot of time and money into, and i have my little subaru to play with. but putting some time into this should be awesome.

and more pics will come soon, they may make it look worse then it really is :| haha
Congrats on the find.....

Welcome to the board. Keep the pics rolling in....

It helps some of us get thru the daily grind of work by sneaking in and out of the board to see what's new, who's new and what others projects are doing.
it runs! put a temporary water bottle gas tank under the hood and cranked it and she fired right up
didnt even change the plugs or wires yet, the flathead 6 has a very interesting sound
the blinkers, hazards, and gauge panel all work and light up, i just couldnt figure out how the headlights are turned on?
There should be a knob on the dash for the headlights. You just pull it out to turn them on. Mine has a 'L' on the knob.