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Sep 6, 2010
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New member...happy to find this forum...recently purchased a 59 pickup, about 95% restored with a couple of items yet to work on...really happy with it..original 226...I do have a question on what recommendations anyone would would have for speedometer renovation...the speedo seems to stick and not return to zero...tapping it does move it back...also, the fuel gauge in the same unit does not work though the sending unit on the tank has been replaced.....looking for a dependable instrument shop who works on vintage gauges.....appreciative of any input....mike.
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Hey Mike

Give one of the vendors on the links area of this website. One of my favorite is Carl Walck..he seems to be the best of the best when it comes to these old willys trucks. He can tell you whats wrong or at least point you in the right direction.


P.S. welcome to the wonderful wacky world of willys trucks...

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Speedo question...... Double check your speedo cable at both ends.
I would start at the tcase. remove the cable and put a drill on it, should be turned reverse with the drill to show speed. Gonna have to have some help, but if it goes to zero when you stop the drill, check the amount of square cable going into the tcase it may need to be trimmed a little bit 1/16 of an inch at the most. Also double check the speedo end and make sure it's not going in to far either.

With the fuel guage issue. If the sending unit is newer then replace the gauge in the cluster. Or just get em both together.

my 2 cents and welcome to the board.

Mike...Did you have any luck with speedo?
I've got similar problem. Looks like the return spring behind speedo face is missing on mine. (I've got two speedos so can compare) May be same case with yours. Looking for someone with spring or someone to rebuild. Have you found any sources?

Homewood4...I ended up taking out the speedo and purchasing a oem fuel sending unit which I sent with the speedo to Foreign Speedo in San Diego...Bob at Foreign Speedo was really helpful...they repaired the fuel gauge (and matched it to the new sender) as well as the speedometer and provided an updated wiring config and touched up the display...I reinstalled the speedometer and the put in the new fuel sending unit and it works great...I am waiting for spring to take it out and test the speedo but I am pretty confident it will be fine...let me know if you need the address for Foreign Speedo....mike.
From the southern state of Georgia, a big howdy! The speedo cable might need some un-stucking, the original lube might be sticky...remove cable and rinse it and re-lube. The wiring for the gauge might have a terrible corroded connection. I'm sure you will figure it out....challenges are what makes rebuilding these fun.