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Jan 25, 2010
Hagerstown, MD
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Hello all,

My name is Tim and I live near Hagerstown, MD. I do have an interest in all vehicles old. My son is currently fixing up a 48 chevy for his first car. Because of my interest in old cars, I ended up with a couple of early 60's Jeep Wagons. Beyond repair in my opinion, but perhaps they could be used to help others regain their former glory.

I belong to a number of other boards and I know that it is not polite to join a board just to try to peddle some wares. I am not a dealer, just a guy with a bit of heart that would rather not drag these old beasts of burden to the scrap yard with out first seeing if there is some interest in parts.

I am not an ebayer. although I did check there to see what kind of prices jeep parts bring. It is my understanding that a guy with a deep Jeep interest is more interested in the history that they represent than he would be interested in getting rich.

If there is interest in parts by members, ten percent of any sale would be sent to the board.

I come in peace, let me know if I am out of line and I shall quietly go away.

Thanks for reading,



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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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  1. 1960
Welcome Tim, thanks for your generosity-