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Oct 1, 2009
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Here are some pics of my 1952 Wilys Cowl/Windshiled. It is the same wheelbase as a wagon, but as far as I can tell it was built as a Cowl/Windshield originally. Looking at the door hinge holes, there are stamped covers, and the top of the A-pillar has close off plates that are welded on, at what I consider a "Factory" quality. Not hacked, not perfect, and not perfect by any means. I bought is at an Auto Auction that had it listed on E-bay, and traced the prior owner down it was a farmer in southern Wisconson that used it to sell vegetables on the side of the road. The Wooden body that was on it when I bought it, was similar to what I built, but made with 2x4s and plywood, true farmer style, and the roof was flat-topped, I thought following the curve of the windshield header would look much more appealing. Anyway, here are some pics:






The Money shot:

The Tower of Power: F head, balanced and blueprinted, header, 2 BBL Weber carb, ported head and block, .040 Over.



Your C/W is amazing. Very nice work. I've always thought that putting together a rig with wood is an art-form, and takes a renaissance man to pull it together.

For some reason I'm thirsty...

Fantastic job ! I love the look with the wood .
WOW. Very interesting. Damn fine work. I would still be trying to figure out where to begin with it. :D Is that header custom made?
Outstanding work. OK, when you get her done I will bring my over, so you can help me do mine. Where did you say you lived?
The header is from Clifford research. My to do list is getting shorter.
Bleed brakes
Rhino line floor
I think I'm gonna jump ship and convert it to 12V with a GM alternator, as the Voltage regulator or Generator are not charging the battery, and it cranks soo slow on 6 V. When I hit it with 12 V it fires as fast as I hit the starter pedal.
Murfman said:
... and it cranks soo slow on 6 V. When I hit it with 12 V it fires as fast as I hit the starter pedal.

what size battery cables are you using? Having cables that are for 6v ( zero guage) can make a big difference. I had 12v cables on my 6v Plymouth for a while, and it would barely crank over. Put the bigger cables on and it was night and day difference.

I agree with the cable input. It makes all the difference in the world. Also found out YEEEAAAARS ago that if you're using a generator, make sure the regulator is of the proper persuasion. Can't use a regulator from an alternator system with a Generator and vise versa.
I'm using 00 Welding cable, but it is a bit long ~ 4' until I permanently mount the battery under the hood. (It is sitting on the passenger side floor as of right now)
Headers on a F-Head...way cool. You've done some great work. I've never seen anything like it. I'm still in ah.
I HAVE SEEN HEAVEN....I WANT better keep it locked up and inside, I'm headed your way soon....I'll bring ice, paper towels and a comfortable lawn chair... so I can sit, drool and stare...
You are ONE TALENTED guy, the Lord has Blessed you...........keep the lights on...I'm headed your way. I would write more, but I have to go back and look at the pictures.
Have you flagged your location on the members map?
Clean grounds and tight connections can be very important with 6v systems as well as heavy gauge battery cables.
That is really quite something. On top of the visual treatment I received, I actually learned something from your project. Thanks!


Unfortunately I think I am going to have to sell the Willys. I have a Job offer in San Diego that I think I need to jump on, and will be doing the double mortgage thing for a while, as my Wife needs to stay here in Illinois for a year to finsh up her contract at work, and her Grad school. I will post up recent photos in a for sale add. I never did finish it, but I did get the wheels powder coated and installed some new tires on it. It still needs the Windshield, a battey tray, and the brakes bled.
Murfman....what's up with your project and new job? Any new pictures to post?
62 OlllO said:
Murfman....what's up with your project and new job? Any new pictures to post?

I did get the original wheels powder coated, mounted up some cool White and red wall tires, POR'd the floor, and powder coated all the inspection plates shifter bezels and made up the mounting brackets for the seat. As for the job, I am in a holding pattern as I am re-financing my current house so I can afford to keep it if I move. The Job prospect is in San Diego, and my Wife would have to spend 12-18 months here in Illinois to finish up her PhD and contract obligations. That way we can hold out and try to get what our place is worth instead of dumping it in this market. I will get some pictures in the next couple days. I think I am going to need to sell it, but have NO idea what it is worth. As it is it needs a windshield, Exhaust, the brakes bled and a battery tray made-installed.
That sure is unique!!!!

I am diggin how it's a rolling cooler!!!!

Could make all sorts of cash at a tailgate party!!!
I am going to have to sell her!! I bled the brakes, got the exhaust finished, and made a battery tray for the optima. The charging problem is fixed as well (Had to have the generator re polarized) I have a brand new tinted windshield from Bob's auto glass, and a brand new Windshield weatherstrip from Willys America, but they are not installed. The windshield trim has all been powder coated as well. I am asking 7500.00 for it and will post up pictures by this weekend.