My wife's engine rebuild


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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
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My wife said he is going to do as much work on the Willys F head as she can.Joy has decent hand skills from working as a cook and years on her various sewing machines.I'm providing the guidance here although at times I think she might know more.This is the block with the tiny crack...but after some thought we're not going to worry about it.
The engine is now .060 ,block milled about .015 and the head .010,crank turned .020,new valves and springs,cam,cam gear,lifters refaced etc.I'll add more photos as we do stuff.
These photos show Joy checking ring gap,tightening the pinch bolt on the con rod,rolling on the oil rings,installing the side valve gear,adjusting the lash,check crankshaft end play.
Not all people collecting Social Security sit in rocking chairs. :mrgreen:
Well that sounds way to cool. I can't get to the website from here (at work) but I'll be checking in on it later. keep the info coming. You know we love it.
We both buzzed along most of the day ,got the engine readyto be put back in.Added a few photos to the link in my first post.The radiator is pretty shitty but doesn't leak.I think it's best to spend a few more bucks to get a fresh one.Maybe the local raditaor shp can re core what i have,man,Willys radiators are pricey devils...