Looking for a tailgate part


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Aug 27, 2010
Colorado Springs, CO
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Hi All, newbie here,
My 55 wagon only has one tailgate "chain" and I'm looking for one for the other side. I say "chain" because its not really a chain, its two rigid rods, linked in the middle, that serve that purpose. Does anyone have one laying around they'd be willing to sell?
Welcome aboard. Hopefully someone will come along soon and have the part your looking for.
Kyle, I was just at the Annual Fall Willys Reunion here in Missouri this weekend. I'm about 90% positive that I saw a set of those on the table of Mid West Willys. Give em' a call.
I might have one or two, I will check in my pile of parts, please give me a few days.

Ps. where are you.
Thanks Aqua-man, I check and see what they've got. Just had minor surgery this morning, so not using the phone today. Either way, I'll wait and see what Chuck has.

Chuck, take your time. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Anxious to see what you've got.

Thanks both of you, --Kyle
Did you find your "hinge"? i have a set im not planning on using.
Let me know what you want for them, including postage and we'll see what we can do. --Or you can call me sometime after Saturday (I'm out of the country right now.) --Kyle 719-310-1601