Lock Cylinders/ignition cylinder

Eric B

Precision Fit
Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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I am betting I am not the only one with this concern, on my wagon I have 2 keys that will work the drivers door lock, ignition cylinder, and tailgate glass handle. (does not work pasg. door lock)

Has anyone pulled the lock cylinders out of the door handles and had them rebuilt along with the other cylinders? I know I can buy a new ignition cylinder and probably have the other lock cylinders rekeyed to match that. Might be the route to go then everything works just like it should.

Just looking for some input. I have built lock cylinders here at work myself so know how to do it, just can't seem to find the needed parts (tumblers and springs) seems like they can't be sold to the general public....
Eric: I want to do the same thing for our '65 wagon, so please give a detailed account of how things work out for you.

In our case the doors and ignition are keyed the same (and work) but the tailgate lock is completely 'frozen'. Also, and this reminds me of older Brit cars... the after-market locking gas cap key works the other locks fine too! When you look at the key profile, it is almost identical to the Willys key... just has more small bumps - amazing.

Back in the 60 and 70s, I had a few Austin Healeys and discovered that the keys often worked perfectly in Minis and some MGs. Ah yes, the old days before anyone thought about security... we can't go back.