L6-226 2bbl intake manifold


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Nov 18, 2009
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Does anyone know any details on the 2bbl intake manifold that was used on some L6-226 Super Hurricanes (years, etc)? I see them mentioned every once in a while and have never actually seen one. Do they use the small 2bbl Rochester size? I've seen some listings on the later OHC 230 I6 for a Holley 2300 on that 2bbl intake manifold. Does anyone know where I could possibly purchase one of them? I know it's a long shot, but I may as well try.
The carb that came with the two bbl intake is a Carter. It has a unique throttle rod assy. The throttle linkage on the carb sits on the head side, so if you are looking at the engine from the front of the engine the linkage is on your right. for the 1bbl, it's on the rear of the carb. What this means is if you put a 2bbl assy on a 1bbl engine, you will have to change the throttle rod assembly. With that said...some folks will replace the original 2bbl carb with a holley 2300 model. What I don't know is if the base can be swapped out to retain the correct throttle linkage. I will try and load up some pics if I still have them. Or, i'll take some more. It's currently disassembled though.
Thanks for the info guys. Pictures would be awesome, but don't kill yourself for them. I checked on this parts board:
But I didn't find the intake manifold. I found a bunch of neat stuff, but if you come across it again let me know. Perhaps I'll post a wanted ad on there.
I think these 2 barrel intakes were used for only one or two years in the mid 50's and according to the shop manual there were a couple carbs available for it. I found one locally and used it but had to buy the linkage off EBay.
Well thanks for the heads up guys. After posting the want ad on that parts board, the guy that had one for sale contacted me and he was the one selling one, and the ad had just expired. Hopefully I'll be able to get it from him, but for a pretty penny unfortunately. I guess that's the price you pay for rare artifacts.
Look at kaiser Manhattan parts as well they have that intake and carb setup as well on the same 226. Offenhouser makes a intake 4bl intake that i made work as a kid, you could try that route.