Into August we go...


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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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So as the summer runs along here, been busy as heck here, got to run my Willys truck around the yard with all new springs (not too bad of a ride either), Went and looked at 3 more Willys trucks in a local junk yard and a 1949 CJ2A to keep the truck company. Actually thinking about building a rat rod Willys truck, maybe it is all the time I spend underneath stuff that is affecting my sense of good jugement.
So who else is having a fun summer so far???
Mike, I'm having a ball when the temperature is right...I'm glad to be here and work on my Willys...the heat has slowed me down...but if you check my build post, you can see some progress from todays as many Willys up you can't live on bread alone....he needs a good Willy.... :lol:
So as the month of August goes along so does the tinkering on the Willys truck. I finally got the drain/fill plugs out of the front end and refilled with fresh oil. Had to put heat on one to get it out. Did the same with rearend too. Took the right rear fender off to begin surgery on it. How do I say it???...SWISS cheese..on my gosh this fender has more air showing than a spoked wheel. I got the tin snips sharpened and the angle grinder all warmed up. This is gonna be a fun week trying to save this ole piece of Americana. :D