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Oct 19, 2009
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Some of you out there in Willys Land are building some fine Wagons and Pickups. The problem I'm having is you either quit your project because of the weather, ran out of time and money or just don't post. I miss your post people...I'm guilty of the need to know NOW syndrome....I also like pictures and Pete, the Administrator can help you learn how like he helped me....so come Willy's People.....POST, POST and POST.
I will get over it in time, but I miss reading what your up to....it motivates me. Stay Safe.
seems it's the news that keeps us going...
I share your enthusiasm :thumbup: to prove that, will update my build page tomorrow if the bodyman has made any progress these days... (it's a bit cold these days in my willysland, so I guess he might have not tried to warm up his lab and work on my waggy)

I feel your pain. I wish I could be doing more to my wagon right now, but I'm in the middle of buying a different house and don't have the time or money to work on it right now. Once we get moved in and settled and I get the new shop wired and set-up I'll get back on it and hopefully be able to finished. Until then I have to enjoy everyone elses builds on here. I love getting on and seeing what is going on. I do hope to make It to MOAB to check some of the fine work out in person.

Mine has been kind of slow as of late, not much to to look at with endless cycles of guide coat and sanding. But I did update the high points of the last few weeks. I can't complain about the cold, it was -10 out this morning and 62 in the shop. I do like seeing other peoples progress and the condition of the projects and vehicles out there.
Okay Kevin, here is news from my Willys adventure coming to you from Memphis, TN. Not long or great videos but very exciting for me to actually get my new purchase running tonight for the FIRST TIME.....Wooooooooohooooooooooo! Yes, I'm pumped! I will probably post this again as a new thread but I wanted to respond to your plea. I've barely been a member here for several weeks, but it DOES seem like there hasn't been much activity the last week. I've been reading through all the old threads one at a time. THANK YOU Pete for starting this site....great vision.
i'll be back in town next weekend to start my a/c condenser with fan relocation. i'll take before, during, and after pics and try to post them correctly. it should only be a weekend project, the goal of which is to get the heat load from the a/c condenser away from the radiator. i've asked around and been told that the standard condenser can be almost horizontal and still cool effectively. anyone know that this is not correct, please let me know.
Thanks, Gary
Kevin,sorry I got nothing.....truck has been done and I'm waiting for good weather to go for a spin.....we just got another 4" of snow last night so guess it will be a while,calling for rain tomorrow so maybe it will rinse the salt of the road......and I still haven't learned how to post pics so can't show the truck either,did you make any progress this weekend?......Jim
NOW that's what I'm talking about - auto5 man....pictures are super and with SOUND...I haven't mastered that video thing...dozer...drive down the driveway for an action shot in the snow, that would be special. I mounted my battery box to the frame...located behind the jump seat...cut this huge ass access hole in the floor :eek: because the original hole I cut was directly above the frame...dumb ass...looks like I have an some fix'n to do...[attachment=0:1vxt5iln]battery box 001.jpg[/attachment:1vxt5iln]
Next week body work.....sand, spray, sand, spray, sand, sand, sand, sand, sand


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I have been working. I just forget to take pictures when I am out there working by myself. Plus I have been working around nap times and school stuff.

Thanks for the wake up call and reminder to be using the camera more and more.

Eric B

Hope you got your moonshine brewing already for May too. :cheers:
A liitle weekend progress...
Bumpers painted, bed and rear fenders on...


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I'm in the middle of building a radio shelf that goes above the windshield. The metal work is all done now. Just have to pad it and then wrap it, and then install the radio, speakers, antenna, and dome lights. I'll post plenty of pics once it is all finished... I promise.
Thanks folks...I needed a fix badly....Kyle how about a tech post wityh pic's telling us how you went about it....
62 OlllO said:
Thanks folks...I needed a fix badly....Kyle how about a tech post wityh pic's telling us how you went about it....

Kyle pics please or you can just drive over to the house in it so I can see......

Kevin is the moonshine "brewing" yet?

And yes I got the camera out more today with everything that was done.
I hope your happy Kevin, now I find myself obsessing all day, everyday, about getting my wagon done and kicking myself for letting it take so long...all because you had to open your big mouth. Add to that the sudden increase in posts and pictures on this forum and my real life productivity has taken a sudden nosedive. How can you live with yourself? Shame, shame. ;)