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Aug 24, 2010
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Or swaying in this case. I have been commuting in my wagon for awhile now and I have noticed it will sway side to side if i rock the steering wheel left to right. Is this due to old shock absorbers, springs or is this just how the Willys roll???
When driving or sitting still? It sounds like worn shocks letting you feel the springs moving.
If I understand your observation correctly:

Vehicles with high center of gravity sway side to side with that type of steering movement. You'll notice it more with solid axles than independent suspension too.

It could be a small list of other things too, but I'm guessing this is what you're experiencing.
I have a small sports car with upgraded springs and struts, and I have a blazer with 4WD, and a higher center of gravity. When I drive the blazer on the same curves I have to apply brakes to keep from feeling like I would roll over on curves, as opposed to never touching the brakes in the car, which feels like it is on rails. My assessment is that you are experiencing normal body roll in a vehicle that is not designed as a canyon carver. It's a truck. You have to go slower. In addition, you probably are also feeling sloppy dry-rotted bushings that need to be updated. :thumbup:
Rock'en when the Wagon is parked could be fun, rock'en and rolling when moving is dangerous. To eliminate the problem it depends how much money you want to spend and/or how fast you want to go around corners. I would look at stiffer shocks and add a sway bar for a cheap fix and then replace the springs...front and rear. Good luck! and happy rock'en!