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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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Hi Everyone
This is not really a weekend update. I have been working on this one fender since September 2010. It didnt look that bad but it just kep getting worse. I started by cutting and fitting the inner flange (16 gauge I think). It seems like everytime I hit the think with my grinder everything fell on the floor. I was determined to save it. I had a 1991 Chevy S10 roof so I started cutting it apart. Before i got it too far apart I put 1/2" square steel tube supports(about 6 of them) and welded them from the inner flange (new now) to what I hoped was semi solid radiused part of the outer fender. Well 2 tanks of argon gas later and a bunch of welding wire and many many many patches I think I saved a little tiny bit of history. (My wife wanted me to find new ones, they are $300.00 each and besides they are fiberglass). I learned tons from this little job. Now a little bed liner undercoating and some red rustoleum and we'll be good to go.


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Hey Mike,
Way to stick to it, get the job done, and save a bit of history. Looks like that fender was quite the challenge. Must not be much left of the S-10 roof now. :)
Hey Go Jeep

Distortion wasnt all that bad. I set my wire feed welder on the lowest setting I could and still get it to stick. A couple of them I had to actually do over. I did learn if you leave about 1/16" gap between the old and the new pieces it actually sets in place rather well. Also I learned also that if I turn the wire feed holder at about a 30 deg angle off of the part the molten wire actually jumps across the gap rather nicely. I think part of it was the addition of the 1/2" square tube that I tacked into the underside. Up close it is still a 50 year old fender and it looks like a 50 year old fender with many patches. My Jeep is far from pretty.

Nice save!! There is an up side to your save, once it's done you can now walk up to it and bang on the steel vs. rub the fiberglass....

I think that one or another we are all trying to save a bit of history in our garage and in our lives....

You have just proven to us that anything can be fixed and ultimately saved...you can call your Willy's..."Patches"
We all have those parts mine was the grill spent three months to get it just right and I only weled two 1/4" cracks the rest was hammer and dolley work. Nice to know I'm not the only one to be hard headed enough to fix it instead of buying a new one! :thumbupleft:
Just re-read this post and I'm impressed with your direction and being frugal. I thought I might be the cheapest guy here and using Rustoleum Paint...but now I have a partner in my insanity defense. It's been some time....any progress?
Hi everyone

I did get my traditional rustoluem paint onto both rear fenders. I use a combo of brush paint and spray can to get the color to stick. I have been working on my rat rod for the past couple of monthes. It had been setting outside since last fall. I did get a third stall lean-too kinda thing built late last fall (12x30) to keep the Willys and his younger brother (CJ5) dry and out of the elements. I feel bad everytime I have to pull it outside. I know it is a Willys and is built tougher than anything out there. Since I have owned it (2007) it is basically retired from any kind of work life.
you have a link to check out the rat?

Here's a picture of a body I found on Crages List. wish my wife would.let me have another toy, but I am limited to what I can fit in the garage........
This would be a great Willy z rat, the petina is perfect..... for now I dream!
try again on the photo. its not going?!?![attachment=0:2y8sccpz]Ratrodwillyzstart.jpg[/attachment:2y8sccpz]


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Hey Michael

I have pictures on my avatar on the rat rods rule website. I dont think the guys/gals on this website are into rat rods at all. This is more a 4 wheel drive outdoors kinda group. But FYI: my rat rod is 1953 Chevy truck, I have used all Chevy parts so far. Camaro (1968) rear end, 4 speed trans (1972 Chevy truck), and (not installed yet) a 250 cu.in. Chevy 6 cylinder motor. I like lots of old smelly stuff. I do have to say your Willys Wagon shell looks pretty cool. I will admit at some point in my life I would love to do a rat rod Willys. (I am a rat rodder at heart)

Hey Aquawilly

Nope the Willys truck has gotten too far in its life to hack up. The only way I would build a Willys rat rod would be if I could find pieces and parts. My current rat was a parts truck. Brought it home in pieces, some in the back of my S10 pickup and some on a trailer. The old 1960 Willys is almost sacred ground to me. I would sell it before I hacked it up, that is a promise.