I just passed up a 54 Panel truck


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Jul 26, 2010
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I generally dont look in cars for sale on Craigslist because I dont need another car. But the other day I clicked on it because my son is in need so I was just passing time. There before me was a 1954 Sedan Delivery (just so happens I have a 51 Sedan Delivery), and it was only 20 minutes from home.
I went to see it tonight, flashlight in hand, 30 minutes before another prospective customer was scheduled to see it. I had my checkbook, and the money manager's "permission" to pull the trigger if I saw fit.
It was WAY more complete than mine. Had a big block Ford V8, 4 speed, Ford 9" rear, 2 wheel drive. Everything I was hoping to see. I looked at the wiring, the replacement floors, the rust, the cracked glass, the lack of exhaust manifolds; I also saw bumpers on brackets, windshield wipers, extra grille, 2 sets of extra front fenders, and he said he had boxes of other accumulated parts. I have a vehicle that is nearly totally incomplete, so this was a bit difficult to walk away from, seeing that at least 3 others were to follow me in considering it's purchase. One was 30 minutes away, but one was from 2 hrs away, and the 3rd was to be notified if it was still unsold. He was coming from over 3 hrs away.
Did I screw up by not spending a Grand on this truck? I went thinking I had to have it because it was clearly more complete than mine. When I was there I saw something that represented a lot of work and would cost me $1000.
I really hope I dont regret this...
the $1000 is the easy part its all that money that comes after to git it right that really hurts your a better man then I am I would have went for it and not being able to afford it regert it later but then again I just cant help myself thats probadly why I have three jeeps and a 62 willys pickup I just bought more money (not) then brains me that is not you if it was meant to be it will happen learned that the hard way. I passed up a lot of what I thought was really good deals only to find something better later on theres a lot out there when its right its right good luck :D
There will always be... another "deal" ...down the road...I commend you on holding back. Now if it is still there on Saturday, offer $750 and bring the trailer.
62 OlllO said:
There will always be... another "deal" ...down the road...I commend you on holding back. Now if it is still there on Saturday, offer $750 and bring the trailer.
You are reading my mind. I am going to the lake this weekend for far too much indulgence. I will call him upon my return to see if everyone else followed my lead. If so, a lower offer may well be in the cards. I can probably recoup my purchase price with the boxes of extra parts he has. I'm just tired of removing/selling unneeded parts. I wanna start building so I can get this thing on the road! Thanks for the support, guys. I needed the lift. Even though I got a head start from the Scotch... ;)
Scotch you say???? I better visit you and help make this deal. :thumbup:
No that's not me. I see the ad for the 57 is gone now too. It must have been a good deal to sell so quickly. I would have went to see it but I am down in FL right now.
Sadly the panel truck was sold, at full price, along with boxes of parts, extra sheet metal, extra grills, etc., ad nauseum. Speaking of nausea, I think I need to excuse myself. And no, it's not because of the scotch. Anyway, I have refocused my attention on my own truck and plan to rededicate myself to making serious strides towards it's reconstruction. (that's a lot of "re"s, eh?). Anyway, someone near me is now the proud new owner of a Willys!