Hey all... I got a Willy too


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Jul 13, 2010
Clarion, Pa
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I picked up a little gem, well a buddy of mine and I have been after it for a bunch of years... He got it and then relized he had to many Jeeps to put on his project list and didnt want to have it go to waste...






She needs alittle work, but it runs and its says 52k on the odometer. Im not sure if they had the tell tale sign of a rollover ( the first digit was off one tooth). But its all original, right down to the oil bath air cleaner. The bodys pretty rough, but someone "fixed" it all with galvanized signs and rivets!!! Oh yeah, its real nice...

Ive been lerking it the weeds for a while, there are some real craftsmen here, love all the work. This isnt my first build, but it is the most extensive. :cheers:
Welcome to the forum Todd. Looks like you have your work "cut-out" for you... ;)

I love it....if you get tired of it, just send it my way! Welcome to the forum, enjoy your project.
Thanks guys...

From what it says in the super duper parts book its got the 6-226. The biggest problem I have is I work on the road and its sitting at home, plus the soon to be Mrs. hasnt figured things out

Her- money- wedding

Me- money - Willys,

Ill never win
justajeep said:
...Mrs. hasnt figured things out

Her- money- wedding

Me- money - Willys,

Ill never win

Elope. Seriously.

My wife would agree although neither one of us would have thought so before we got married. It's just stress and really it's a huge production for the guests involving a huge amount of time, energy and money. Plus it leaves more money for the Willys. Less stress + vehicle money = a good start to a marriage :D
Ive told her over and over that we dont need everyone there, she doesnt wanna hear it. Every little girl has the dream of a wedding thats a fairytale... She does know that there is no picket fence around the house and we already went through my Jk build, she didnt like that at all, but I kept telling her its better than giving all my cash to a stripper named Bambi. She agreed - I won, lol.

Ill be home in about 2 weeks, gotta clean the garage out - finish my brothers Bradley GT, and put in 2 patios. Then its on to the Willys, the kids want it done before drag racing season next year. I think my 14 year old has a vision of his own...
That's a lot of busy. Best of luck with it all and I hope the wedding is everything she's dreamed about.
Your title still distrubs me a little as you left off the 's' in Willys! Your just making a statement right now that any male can. ;)
Gojeep said:
Your title still distrubs me a little as you left of the 's' in Willys! Your just making a statement right now that any male can. ;)

Yeah but not all males can show you and you keep looking... I hope, :cheers:
Im not sure why, but all my earlier pics are not there any more... Not sure why, but anyway, I got a few more...

I took a little time and crawled under the old girl a couple weeks back and found just what expected, -





Heres something I didnt expect, but didnt surprise me -


Now my boy thinks it should look something like this -

The power train is all there, it runs and everything works on it, and the frame is solid, but 45 mph is never going to do.


So I have a SBC with less than 5K sitting in the corner. An auto tranny will bolt up nice and thats where Im not sure where I should go with this build.
One part of me says 33s and new springs will get this on the road, I've looked at all the builds and other sites pics and think a tubbed out 2wd with a Mustang II front end on it would be sweet. Easier to build and have a cool little street rod, both my kids drag race and want to take this to the track. My boy is old enough to run cars in the 8th mile, while my daughter still has a couple years in Jr ATV before she gets behind the wheel. So, whats a dad to do, my other jeep is just way to slow, mid 20s in the quarter, but thats not what it was built for

I guess I have a choice to make, I know that most here are purest and I really envision cruising down paths and having it sit by the river while I flyfish and it would be my #2 choice in the winter if I keep it a 4x4, plus either way headed to town would always be a good time.

I guess Im hoping that once I see it printed out I'll know what to do with it, plus a few opinions wouldnt hurt either...
Looks like you have a lot of work before you for sure!
Personally I turning mine into a rod as already have a Jeep for my offroading and Outback touring roles, so why have two for the same purpose?
Re: Hey all... I got a Willys too

Oh my gosh

That old wagon. Whats up with wood supports for floorboards??? My CJ5 had plywood and 1x4's. My Willys pickup truck had fiberglass matting and super thin sheet metal and flashing too....I saved up for 6 monthes and bought a little 110 volt wire feed welder from Home Depot and started sticking two pieces of metal together. I have never figured out the wood thing. It wont last and it is just cobby too. I love your wagon tho..Gotta find me one soon....