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Feb 6, 2010
Ann Arbor MI.
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  1. 1961
There are a few rare parts that I would really like to find for my SD so that I can really make it complete and I am hoping someone out there may have some of these things.

My SD is a traveler, and thus would have had the fold down seats that mounted on top of the wheel wells. I need a pair of these seats; or maybe even just good pictures of them so I can have something made.

Also for a traveler, I need the roof mounted spare tire rack. This seems to be an extremely rare option as I have never even seen a picture of a wagon with it. I know it did exist though because my SD has the internal backing plates for said rack still in place. Again, even some good pictures or dimensions of one would help.

Of course I wouldn't mind finding the normal hard to get items such as a PTO or an overdrive unit.

Please let me know if you can help in any way to find these things or figure out how to recreate them.


nugilo said:
Also for a traveler, I need the roof mounted spare tire rack.


This is the only one I've seen, in a magazine ad for the Traveler from south of the border.

Not sure if this is the same as what your traveler had, but looks cool all the same.



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Hello Nick. I have an Original Warn 29 spline Overdrive for sale. It is out of my 57 Willys Pickup. It bolts onto a Spicer 18 Transfer Case. Contact me if you are interested. Thanks, John
Did you ever get some pictures of the roof tire rack. I have some pictures of one from Flordia if you need them.