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Nov 16, 2009
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I finally got a clear stall in the garage to start work on my newly acquired 1952 pickup. Installed a new fuel pump,from one of the big Jeep parts suppliers ,only to have it start leaking after the first start up. The rubber gasket under the cover turns to mush when it's exposed to gas. Let it dry for several hours and it shrinks back to the original size. I made my own gasket from a sheet of paper gasket material and the leak stopped. The question that I have is ,what is the differences between the fuel/vac pumps ? I found 3 different ones online, Of course, the one for a pickup is the most expensive. The one I removed is built like the less expensive one. Other than the shape,the only difference I could see was one has short tubes for the vacuumn lines and one is threaded for brass fittings. So which one is correct for a pickup and do I need the high dollar one? And is there a pressure difference?

Thanks DJ
DJ, I don't have good answers on this, but those price differences are usually because of three things. Who the manufacturer is, what materials are used and whether or not it has a lifetime warrenty. Other than that I have nothing. I have however talked with two other individuals that had problems with their pumps in regards to the vacuum side of the pump. There wasn't any. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe the re-manufacturer company opted for cheaper rebuilds. I don't know.

My guess as to your gasket problem is that the pump had maybe been sitting for a long time and the gasket dried up and went to hell. It's also possible that the wrong material was used. In any case; all any of us can do is give you best guess scenarios and you'll have to go from there. Personally, if I was going to use the vacuum side of the pump I'd spend the $$ for a good one. If all I wanted was the fuel side, i'd more than likely go middle of the road as long as I was familiar with the brand. Hope ya get it worked out in your favor.
dlj what motor do you have? if it is the 6-226 there is a mechanical pump at O'reillys PN# 6510 made by airtex that fits the 226 and the 230 for $40 before tax. I don't know if the 4 cyl motor has the same casting holes and same distance to the cam for this pump to work.

I have a spreadsheet of parts for the 226 if needed.

email me and be sure to put "Willys" in the subject line
Contack info: kramwit@yahoo.com
I've got the 4 cylinder. Which brings up another question. Did the 1952 pickups come with a 6 cylinder? The reason I ask is it's obvious,by the different colors, some body parts have been replaced on the front of the truck. Also a spacer that is not original was added to move the radiator closer to the fan. Was the 6 cylinder installed in some of the 1952's?

Thanks DJ
DJ is your truck a 1 Ton? if it is for 1952 yes the were mostly 4 cyl. you could opt fo the 6 cyl for a price back then. In 1957 they started the FC150 with 4 cyl and the FC170 6cyl.