Forum issues???

Eric B

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Nov 27, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
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Looking for some help.

I have been having some issues with the forum kicking me out, timing out or telling me the board is too full of users and will not allow me in.

Pete and I are both needing to know if this has been an issue for any other members here the past few days??? This started for me around the 15th of this month or so....

Thanks for your input and assistance in keeping the forum up and performing properly.

I am only having self inflicted issues, ie: photo resizing for posting is seems more difficult on a Mac.
I'm out of the country at the moment (Costa Rica) but I've been checking in each day and haven't had any problems.
the only problem Ive been having is I have to sign in or log on almost everytime I want back in which I never had to bfore thought it was me or my computer otherwise everything seems to be ok
If you do get an error message, if you could email the content of the message to either EricB or to me, it would help us troubleshoot the problem...

Thanks for your patience and understanding... this stuff is way over my head, I feel like I've grown a propeller out of the top of my noggin getting us this far... :shock:

I've had issues with slowness (the pages...not me) :) I have been bounced out a few times and the log-in reminder seems to never recognize me, so I always have to sign back in. No complaints though. I do this at work, so absolutely no complaints. :) Issues or not it's a great site, Pete. Keep that head prop spinnin'. Thanks for all.
Thanks for everyone's input so far. As Pete mentioned if there are issues that anyone is having please don't hesitate to shoot either of us an email to help keep this forum up and running smoothly.

Eric B
Eric: I couldn't log on yesterday, today I got a message, "site not available" finally was able to log on but then got bumped, Very Slow Navigating.

Denny Napier
Roseburg OR
great forum! My only issue is with the size restriction on attaching pictures. Most of mine are from my blackberry phone and I have to go in, edit the size, save then attach to my post to come in below 500K. You could help by giving me the best size option to fit. I'm just as dumb on computers as I am on Willys. Thanks again, Mark
Network Solutions, our host, has dispatched their highly trained team of monkeys to try and resolve the issues...

Please email me any other error messages you may get...


Seems that Network Solutions has worked some of their magic, the forum speed is rock'n for me...

How is it for you?

Thanks for the feedback.

wowza!!!!!!! She's flying now. I clicked on my bookmarK and started to get up (to do something since usually so slow) and BAM! I'm impressed please tell them they have a well trained team of cyber monkeys!
The Cyber monkeys have worked magic instead of throwing anything else at us.... Good thing.
Seeing faster page loading, and no longer getting booted with error messages..

Thanks for everyone's input and your assistance in getting this resolved Pete.