First Post 1956 Willys Pickup "TinkerToyII"


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Aug 16, 2010
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Hello All, aHave not been able to post a new topic and was glad to see the post new topic was available to me tonight when I logged on to the site.
My name is Randy and am from Grand Juncttion Colorado. Last fall I got my 1956 Willys Pickup (found it on Craigs List) and have enjoyed working on it since. I have finally gotten Lic Plates and Ins and driven it enough to determin issues that need to be addressed. It has a dana 27 in the front with drums and the first excitement was when I came up to a 4 way stop and though I was saying whooooooooo and pushing on the preak peddle I just whized through the intersection, so it was back to the house and the front end is up on jack stands and the drums off.
I have a 350 chev with a 350 turbo, the front end tilts as does the bed. I am so excited to have found this group and also to get my
56 willie back on the road. will get some pictures posted ASAP. :) :) :)

I guess I am a 56 guy, my house was bult in 1956, have a 1596 Willys Pickup and a 1956 Chev Belair
First Post 1956 Willys Pickup "TinkerToyII"

Welcome to the forum Randy

5 + 6 = are a "winner" on the crap table.....but don't play pin ball....your tilting to much (front & back?)
Welcome to the "Nut House" ....Willys Forum. I'm trying to get a trip together to Colorado and perhaps stop in. :cheers: