Firewall mounted brake booster


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Feb 21, 2010
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I'm strongly considering going this route with my build. I have the pedals from a 66 F350 and all of the clutch linkage and think i can make it work. Anyone else went to hanging pedals? what did you use without swapping frames?
got a pic of the F350 pedals?

What side is your battery box mounted on?
Cuz mine is on the left (driver) side.....
I also used a set of swing pedals from a Ford truck cab,a 1964 F-600,all the Ford cabs for light duty are about the same,had to some do some modification,but no big deal.Used all the clutch linkage from the Ford and a fire wall mount brake booster from a 1977 1/2 ton chevy pu,its worked fine for the past year,good luck let us know how you make out.......Jim
Just a thought on the hanging pedals. A lot of the Chevy truck guys (AD 1947 to 1954 style) use a S10 Chevy truck pedals. They are of recent manufacture (so you can get parts) and they seem to be of a little smaller scale than the full size truck stuff is. They also are set up for a hydraulic clutch which saves a lot of headaches as far as linkages. Just my two cents thats all.
The battery box is on the drivers side
I am planning to relocate it either to the
passenger side
or up under the bed
this would mean I have to remove the oem
tray and brace up the firewall
I have a 79 Cherokee peddle assemby but
it only has the brake pedal and is not easily
modified to clear the column I want to use
so I figured I would use the assembly from the
66 ford as it has a brake and clutch pedal
and would require modification anyway

I cannot post pics as I have used up my free
allotment already in my build thread