F head 4 cylinder rebuild


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Jul 11, 2010
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So...me and the wife pulled the F head out of the 51 Willys truck.We disassembled it,she doing a lot of the work because after all it's her truck :mrgreen: It looked kinda worn,10 thousands taper on the cylinder,the crank is slightly worn but not bad,loose valve guides,valves pretty much worn beyond grinding etcThe engine did run ok,had decent oil pressure,used a quart of oil every 150 miles or so..Dragged the pieces down to the local machine shop.This shop has done a lot of work for me and I trust them to do a good job.
Well,Thermo clean block and head,bore the engine,turn the crank,surface block and head,valve job with all new valves and new guides,resize connecting rods.All parts,pistons and rings,vealves,guides,bearings,and a few other things come to 1300 bucks.Add to that a gasket set and maybe a few hundred bucks of other shit I'm forgetting.Plus we do all the assembly work.
My wife says do it :thumbup:
And here's my bride scrapping years of grease and dirt from the frame.Keep in mind we have grand kids that drive cars legally :lol:
Hey Tony, did you install hardened valve seats, and did you do the valve guides :?: and valve installation yourself, or did you let the machine shop do it when they did the machine work?


I'll let the shop do the guides although I have done them before on other engines.The existing exhaust valve seats were beat up from mileage but the valve heads were still above the block surface,not pounded in as I usually find them on old GM inline 6 heads. Should be ok without special valve seats for the easy driving my wife will do in the Willys.The stock seats may have been induction hardened when the block was made? The block is already .040 over,the old valves look to have been cut before................